Top 8 Best Line Queues in All of Walt Disney World

Lines are a big part of Walt Disney World. There are articles dedicated to keeping you and your family from losing their marbles in long lines. If you’re tired of playing thumb wars, sick of Rock, Paper, Scissor battles, and completely bruised from numerous games of Slaps, we suggest you start enjoying Walt Disney World’s line queues. Disney World has mastered the art of waiting areas and these are our favorite ones on the entire property.

8. Test Track

As you wind through the line, marvel at crazy new car designs and a futuristic feel you can’t help but get excited about. There are interactive games in the queue even before the real fun begins. The main reason Test Track made our list is for one big reason: It’s the only ride in Disney World that allows your decisions in the queue to have a direct effect on how you perform in the ride itself. You’ve seen all the new car designs throughout the line, now you get a chance to sculpt your own as the last part of the queue. Step into a room and scan your ticket or Magic Band and then the possibilities are endless. We won’t spoil all the designing fun for you; just know you won’t want to miss this. Once you’re finished designing you can enter your car into the race and see how your design stood up to other people in line once it hits the track.

7. Expedition Everest

If you’re interested in getting invested in a deep and intricate story while you wait, look no further. Expedition Everest is an Imagineering feat when it comes to back-story through design and props. Imagineers went to great lengths to capture the culture of the Himalayans and set up the story of the Yeti. This refurbished Tea Company that is now set up to be a travel agency is helping people (and you) in their quests to conquer Everest. You’ll see a shrine to the yeti the locals have made out of fear and respect and you will see a museum made up of Yeti artifacts and sightings. You continue to wonder for your safety because of this mysterious creature but mostly you’ll be entertained. Each time we ride this famous attraction we find new and hidden details that add to this elaborate story and the brave travelers who want to keep up the mountain.

6. Turtle Talk With Crush

Over at The Seas with Nemo and Friends, you’ll find this section to be an attraction within itself. As you wait to have your hang time with Crush, walk around the shows waiting area and explore. It’s called Mr. Rays Lagoon and it has (of course) stingrays, jellyfish, and other exotic fish you can get close to. If you catch it at the right time, you can watch Cast Members feeding some of the different animals. My personal favorite is the jellyfish exhibit; they’re beautiful to watch. Do not forget to take Mr. Ray’s Pop Quiz while you’re strolling around the holding area, you may learn something new. Those minutes will fly by and you’ll be glad your kids were able to appreciate sea creatures while you waited to enjoy this wonderful attraction.

5. Enchanted Tales With Belle

When you’ve been running around all day, you don’t even know how badly you need some “chill time” until you have stopped for a second. When you’re not really interested in stopping the play, but you’re still not ready to be back in the middle of the action, we suggest Enchanted Tales with Belle, yet more specifically its queue. Walk through this garden that exudes enchantment and wonder and lots of Maurice’s failed and quirky inventions. Listen to birds singing, see flowers blooming, and watch the trees blow in the wind. Maurice’s cottage is a sight to behold as well; make sure you look at some of the smaller details it has to offer. Bonus idea: Try this attraction at night, you’ll avoid the Florida sun and you’ll still get to enjoy this wonderful queue.

4. Muppets Vision 3D

Speaking of hidden details! We don’t usually need to wait in the queue for long, but those minutes go by fast. While you walk around this queue you’re entertained by a pre-show playing on several screens. Its normal comical antics from the Muppets crew will have you giggling before you step foot into the show itself. If the video isn’t enough to keep you enthralled, start strolling around the pre-show room. Notice some hilarious props? You should because there are tons of little hidden gags throughout the entire holding area and you’ll be good to catch a couple of them. This queue has us continuing to come back again and again to see what new hidden jokes we can find. One of our favorite details is a sign that says there’s a key under the mat. If you find the mat, there really is a key under it!

3. Toy Story Midway Mania

Want to experience some serious nostalgia while you’re waiting for a ride? Then look no further. We’ve all probably done the dreaded hour-plus wait for this ride, but we find ourselves (almost) okay with it. As you wind through the endless line, you can encounter giant toys from you and Andy’s childhood. This is Imagineering creativity at its finest and we simply can’t get enough. You’ll “ooh and ahh” at all the different large toys and forget that you’re not toy size when you see a giant Candy Land board or the Peter Pan View Master reels that will surely bring back all the childhood feels. Ready for the best part? There’s an interactive Mr. Potato Head that’s slightly bigger in scale than his ego that talks to you and will call you out by something you’re wearing or holding. How does he do it? We’ll just assume this is Disney magic at its finest.

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2. Peter Pan

We’ll admit this queue used to be a little unbearable, but with the new refurbishment it has become one of our favorite spots in all of Walt Disney World. Step inside the Darling’s humble abode and feel right at home while you wait to board your ship. You enter the Darling children’s nursery and watch the mischievous Tink zoom and zip around the room and knock a few things over along the way, and don’t forget to ring the virtual bells and play with Pan’s shadow. We also hope you enjoy get sprinkled with some fairy dust because that may happen along the way as well.

1. Tower of Terror

Ever needing your creepy fix at Walt Disney World? Just hop on over to Tower of Terror and you’ll be spooked before you even enter the attraction. This queue line is a Disney Fanatic favorite, not just for the hidden gems from the old TV show, but because of the spooky ambiance it creates before you plunge to your doom on that tricky broken elevator. As you walk through the ground of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, enjoy and also get chills from a mysterious mist that has fallen over this long abandoned building. The shrubbery is a little out of sorts seeing as no one has tended to it in years, and those glorious statues have some wear and tear from neglect. When you enter the hotel, this ghostly sight may take your breath away. All around the room are evidences of a once bustling hotel lobby, but it seems its entire guest list disappeared in quite a hurry. Take some time and look around for some hidden treasures and see if you can spot some odes to the old show. Who can’t help but love that scary bird statue that’s covered in dust? This queue makes sure you have plenty to look at and you’re never bored; just another thing we can’t wait to thank those amazing Imagineers for!

We love these queues but we’re sure there are queues you love as well! Let us know you’re favorite queues in the comments below!

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