Top Reasons We Love Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs

One of the very best things to do while visiting Disney Springs is try some new foods. After all, there are dozens of fabulous restaurants in this shopping hub, and it would be a shame not to try one or two.  Of course, the problem is choosing where to go. With so many wonderful options, picking just one or two can feel overwhelming, to say the least. Our suggestion? Visit more than once so you can try multiple places! If you can only visit once though, we suggest you decide whether you prefer quick-service or table-service and go from there. If quick-service is your cup of tea, we highly recommend giving Chicken Guy! a try. Here are 8 great reasons why we love it, and we know you will too!

1. Fun Surroundings

Guy Ferrari, the celebrity chef of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, is the brains behind this operation. Therefore, as you might expect, the restaurant is just as fun as he is. The staff are exceedingly friendly and helpful, the atmosphere is laid-back, the decor is bright and fun, and all in all, this is just a novel place to eat. Obviously, Disney World vacations are meant to be fun, so we’d go ahead and say this eatery fits perfectly into Disney Springs.

2. All Natural

Most people don’t expect much in the way of quality when it comes to fast food joints. Therefore, many are surprised to learn that Chicken Guy! makes a point of serving only the highest quality chicken. Their chicken is all-natural, free of antibiotics, and never frozen. This is an unusual and wonderful thing to find in a quick-service spot, and we recommend enjoying it to the fullest by ordering plenty of chicken.

Chicken Guy

3. Incredible Fried Chicken

Just as you might imagine, that all-natural chicken cooks up quite nicely. The most popular items at this chicken joint are their fried tenders, and boy are they good. The tenders are pounded almost flat and hand-breaded using some wonderful spices before being fried and served up either on their own or as part of a sandwich. Despite the flatness of these tenders, they are not overcooked. In fact, they are surprisingly juicy and definitely something you’re going to want to try.


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4. Healthy Choices

Of course, some people will be looking to avoid fried foods. While we think it’s a real shame to miss out on such amazing chicken tenders, we do understand that sometimes it’s necessary to seek out healthier choices. Luckily, Chicken Guy! has you covered. Their grilled chicken is just as moist and flavorful as their fried chicken, and their salads are also pretty darn good.

5. 22 Sauces

As if incredible chicken wasn’t enough, Chicken Guy! provides enough sauces to keep even the most adventurous eaters happy for quite a few visits. In total, there are 22 sauces available, and every one we’ve tried has been amazing. Each of these sauces either adds the perfect amount of sweetness to compliment the spices on the chicken, or takes the savory flavor up a notch, making the chicken even better. Fortunately, every order of chicken comes with two sauces, so you can try one sweet and one savory and decide for yourself which option is better.

6. Yummy Sides

Want to round out your chicken entree with a side? No problem! Chicken Guy! has a few different tasty sides. Obviously, french fries are on this list, and yes, they are quite good. However, there are also more interesting options, such as their creamy mac and cheese, their slaw, and their fried pickles. Each one is pretty yummy, making it difficult to go wrong.

7. Inventive Desserts

Of course, dessert is a must-have when on vacation. Fortunately, Chicken Guy! knows this, and while their options are limited, they are both delicious and inventive. Both desserts are milkshakes, and we recommend ordering one of each just so you can give them both a try. The first is a cinnamon-apple flavored shake, which includes vanilla ice cream and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Jacks cereal. The second is the Triple Double Mint, which uses mint, chocolate sauce, and Oreos to create a rich dessert you won’t soon forget.

8. Super Affordable

Finally, we must point out that this eatery is surprisingly affordable for a Disney Springs restaurant. Sure, it is quick-service, but the food is outstanding and the service is just as good, making the relatively low price point even more appealing. This is definitely a good place to go is you’re looking to save a few bucks while dining in Disney Springs.

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Chris Gonzales is a writer and freelance editor who hails from Oklahoma City but full-time RVs with his wife and son. As a family of WDW Passholders, they spend much of their time in Orlando and have become quite knowledgable about the parks. Though their travels take them away from time to time, they always find their way back.

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