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Twitter Reacts to the New Live-Action ‘Haunted Mansion’ Trailer

Haunted Mansion streaming date
Credit: Disney

Disney may have added a few more “happy haunts” to the roster with the release of its official trailer for Haunted Mansion, set to spook theaters on July 28.

With the details down to identical creepy voiceovers, Disney’s live-action Haunted Mansion film, directed by Justin Simien and screenplay by Katie Dippold, sparks nostalgia for Disney enthusiasts with its trailer debut. Based on the iconic Disney attraction, the film’s story follows single mom Gabbie (Rosario Dawson) as she attempts to expel her newly-purchased home of haunted Guests.

A tour guide (LaKeith Stanfield), a psychic (Tiffany Haddish), a priest (Owen Wilson), and a historian (Danny DeVito) combine forces to rid the home Gabbie shares with her 9-year-old son (Chase Dillon) of terrifying ghosts. The star-studded cast includes Jared Leto as the Hat-Box Ghost and Jamie Lee Curtis as the fan-favorite Madame Leota.

Walt Disney Studios released a first look at the film’s trailer, which already leaves easter eggs for fans of the Haunted Mansion attraction’s classic themes.

Disney Live Action Haunted Mansion Remake 2023

Credit: Disney

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What the Twitter Fans Are Saying

Although Twitter can house some harsh critics, the comments about the film’s trailer from users like @mmdisney200 sound promising:

K this looks incredible!!!

Others reacted to the star power in the Haunted Mansion cast, including @LAahsokathinker:

Rosario Dawson!!!

While not necessarily criticism, @pgizzle312 pointed out just how spooky the Haunted Mansion looks, which is the ghoul’s goal:

Okay this looks fricken scary but I am in

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Haunted Mansion is airing on the heels of not-so-stellar reviews surrounding a string of live-action Disney films, from Alice in Wonderland to The Lion King. While Haunted Mansion isn’t a reimagined, animated classic film, it’s not the first flick inspired by the ever-popular thrill ride in Magic Kingdom.

In what was considered a box office flop, Disney released a live-action film starring Eddie Murphy, Terence Stamp, and Wallace Shawn based on The Haunted Mansion Ride in 2003.

This time, with an Oscar-earning cast and stellar CGI effects, the new trailer makes Disney fans want to hail the nearest Doom Buggie to see Haunted Mansion’s debut on July 28.

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