Flight of Passage

Video: Guest Attempts to Break Free of Restraints on ‘Flight of Passage’

“Avatar: Flight of Passage” is one of if not the best attractions one can find in Walt Disney World and all of Central Florida’s amusement Park Mecca. It provides an immersive experience like no other, giving Guests the chance to fully immerse themselves into James Cameron’s fictional world of Pandora. 

But like many other attractions at Walt Disney World, it appears that some Guests cannot help up try to break the number one rule of Theme Parks: “please remain seated while the ride is in motion.”

Twitter user @WDWdrinktrooper shared a video of “Flight of Passage” and in the middle of a thrilling flight over the alien moon world, a Cast Member of the intercom can be heard saying “Please remain seated.”

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This mid-ride announcement only happens when someone needs the reminder. But, as one person asked himself, “How is someone not remaining seated?! That seems almost impossible…” Apparently, the Cast Member came on the intercom four times during the ride.

It is unclear who in the Soarin’-like area was attempting to break free of his or her restraints, but it is a wonder how a Guest could escape. On “Flight of Passage,” the seats are like that of an ATV. Automated restraints come up from behind and snuggly secure all Guests according to their appropriate size. It is not like on a rollercoaster where a Guest can get stuck “between clicks” where it is either far too loose or far too tight.

Flight of Passage

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But the fact that the ride was not stopped suggests that the Guest had not yet succeeded in becoming completely free from the harness.

It is also unclear if and how this Guest in question was punished by Disney World.

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