Video: Guests Take Over for Figment When Audio Stops on Journey Into Imagination

Credit: @morganmariefields (left)

What does a group of Disney fans do when the audio stops on a favorite EPCOT attraction? Sing the ride’s theme song on their own, of course!

On a recept trip to EPCOT, TikTok user @morganmariefields captured a ride on Journey Into Imagination with Figment that reached a show scene where the audio wasn’t working properly, and fans took over singing “One Little Spark” for the loveable purple dragon. Take a look below:


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♬ original sound – Morgan ✨

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Of course, during this scene of the attraction, the lyrics to the song appear on the screen which surely helped a few Guests out. Still, what a fun experience these Guests created by singing along when Figment lost his voice!

Journey Into Imagination with Figment is the attraction responsible for the popular character who most recently was featured on a certain popcorn bucket that took this year’s EPCOT International Festival of the Arts by storm. The attraction opened one year after the rest of the park in 1983, as a hit EPCOT attraction featuring Figment alongside the Dreamfinder.

Imagination Pavilion

Credit: Disney

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By the late 90s, the ride had undergone a transformation that disappointed many fans as it removed so much of the charm that made the original side so memorable (Dreamfinder included). Since then, the attraction and the character have had a sort of cult following among fans, resulting in Figment being featured not only on popcorn buckets, but in topiaries during the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival, and lots of merchandise at the Disney park.


Credit: Disney

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From Guests in the comments of the TikTok video, it appears that this scene of Journey Into Imagination tends to lose its audio track on occasion, so if you ever find yourself on the ride without Figment’s voice…you know what to do!

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