Video: Naval Officer Surprises Son at Disneyland

Military Family Reunion Disneyland
Credit: 10 Tampa Bay

Warning: Nearby tissues are suggested.

For a kid, Disneyland is a magical place. Even though it was Walt Disney World Resort that officially coined the phrase “The Place Where Dreams Come True,” the truth is every Disney Theme Park is the setting of someone realizing their dream and celebrating it. Especially for one little boy and his military family.

News Station 10 Tampa Bay has a segment called Militarykind Stories, and they shared a story on February 7 of a military family’s tear-jerking reunion in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. After being away for five months, a Naval Officer gave his son the best surprise a kid could wish for.

10 Tampa Bay shared a video with the caption:

“HEARTWARMING. There was only one thing that could make this Disneyland trip better: spending it with his dad.”

Check it out:

Now, the names of the father and son are left out, but you don’t need them to appreciate this scene. The kid is in shock as he suddenly discovers this surprise. His dad tells him that “Now we’re all going to stay and have lots of fun.”

The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is in relatively close proximity to San Diego, which boasts a massive US Navy presence and makes this Disney magic all the easier to conjure.

Disneyland Military Family Reunion

Credit: 10 Tampa Bay


Now, it shouldn’t go unmentioned that the moment was extra special thanks to the Disneyland Cast Members. One can be seen clearly moving people out of the way to give the family proper room, and another on hand to capture the Disney Magic Moment with Disney quality photos.

If you know a military family and would want to create a magical reunion like this at their favorite Disney Park, please feel free to reach out to that Park’s Guest Services team for more information.

Credit: Disney

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