Video Shows Chaotic Moments at the Magic Kingdom’s Emporium as Guests Rush to Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Merchandise

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On the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort, many Guests are spending the morning in the Magic Kingdom hoping to get their hands on some exclusive merchandise for the occasion. The Emporium on Main Street U.S.A. this morning was a chaotic scene as Guests were seen crowding the store and pushing and shoving one another in an attempt to scoop up all of that exclusive merch.

This video by Twitter user @dlifestylers captured some of this morning’s scene:

Guests can be heard on the video’s audio accusing one another of taking products from other Guests’ bags and clearly there is anger over the crowding and all-around less than polite behavior taking place here. Later comments from Guests in the store on Twitter suggest that the store’s management Cast Members tried to remedy the situation but it seemingly escalated to this point so quickly that little could be done by then to move Guests along in a more orderly manner.

Rushing for exclusive Disney Parks merchandise at special events where some items are sure to be limited has always created tension for Guests hoping to walk away with the items they’re after, but it has only continued to worsen in recent years due to resellers. While resellers unfortunately effect nearly every type of retail environment, Disney fans are often left frustrated by the Company’s lack of control over the situation.

Credit: Disney

A quick search on eBay shows that Guests have already uploaded 50th anniversary Minnie ear headbands, sweatshirts, ornaments, maps, and more, all at incredibly inflated monetary costs AND at the cost of Guests physically in the park missing their opportunity to buy such items off the shelf when they inevitably run out.

On a personal note- I hope that Disney recognizes the reselling problem and can do more to remedy this sooner, and in the meantime we really have to caution our readers against purchasing items from resellers. With the inflated price points being totally absurd (as I write this I just saw a $70 sweatshirt marked up to $130…) and the issue of making this merchandise unavailable to Guests who should be able to buy these items in the park, I personally cannot support resellers. I believe their entire business practice is deceitful at best and a downright scam at worst, and without Disney stepping in to stop them from being able to do this, the only way they’ll stop is if they aren’t making enough profit from it.

Disney 50th anniversary merchandise

Credit: Disney


If you are hoping to get your hands on some of the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary merchandise in a totally legitimate way, a fair amount of the collection is set to be released on shopDisney. And remember, “The Most Magical Celebration on Earth” continues for 18 months and today is only the first day of it. While we obviously can’t guarantee that all merchandise will be there the entire time, a good amount of it certainly will, and you’ll be able to save some money (and avoid supporting these shady “business” practices) by purchasing your favorite pieces during your next trip.

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