Video: Teen Handcuffed and Escorted Out of the Magic Kingdom

Credit: @nataliecurling on TikTok (left), Disney (right)

Walt Disney World may be the ‘Most Magical Place on Earth,’ but every now and then the real world seems to make a brief appearance. Earlier this week, TikTok user @nataliecurling shared a video from the Magic Kingdom of a teenager in handcuffs being led by members of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office as onlookers stopped to watch the scene unfold:


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Since the video is brief and does not seem to give the full scope of what might have happened to cause the police and Walt Disney World security presence, Curling and her friend who was with her at the time that the incident was filmed shared another TikTok to answer the questions that they could, and to simply give some more background on what they witnessed:

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In the video, the teen appears to be under arrest however, a glance at Osceola County’s arrest records this morning seems to indicate that was not the case. Whatever the situation was, the Guest in question was likely handcuffed as a way to be detained during questioning (and potential searching, as you can see in the first video one of the officers seems to indicate that the Guest’s shoes or socks should be checked.)

Curling’s follow-up video did mention that another person was also being escorted by police, though he was difficult to see in the video, and the two speculated that this second person may have been the teen’s father. According to yesterday’s arrest reports from the Sheriff’s office, none of Osceola County’s arrests on May 9, 2022, seem to the lineup with anything that could have taken place in the Magic Kingdom, it is possible the two Guests were given a trespass notice and removed from the park rather than being taken under arrest.

Credit: Disney

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Further details on the incident have not been confirmed, but much like what is suggested in the follow-up video, a possibility for what might have happened is that the Guests were found to have items on their persons that are prohibited in Disney Parks.

Prohibited items at Walt Disney World include weapons of any kind (including fake ones or toys), illegal substances, flammable objects, glass containers, and a number of additional items that are definitely not visible in the video like oversized strollers, lawn chairs, etc…

Prohibited activities include sales of goods and services without prior written approval, distribution of printed materials without approval, unauthorized entry into backstage areas, unapproved commercial photography, solicitation, or anything that can cause harm to other Guests or Cast Members. You can find a full list of prohibited items and activities at Walt Disney World here.

If later details on the incident can be confirmed, we will be back with updates here on Disney Fanatic.

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