Character Breakfast
Character Breakfast

Walt Disney World Releases Free Dining and Free Gift Card/Room Discount Offers!

Come and get it! The most popular and sought-after Walt Disney World Resort promotion is now available for select Summer bookings- Free Dining! These two simple words can send any Disney-goer into a frenzy.

Sales on Disney World rooms and tickets can be hard to come by. Disney World has announced the FREE Dining promotion and decided to open the 2020 free dining offer. You pay for your room and Disney World will pick up the tab for your food. Be aware that the number of rooms available for this promotion is always very limited and since this is Disney’s most popular sale those spots fill up fast! To make sure you get a room with free dining you let the MickeyTravels team help! Call 888-812-8750 or click here to request a vacation quote.

Complete details on the Free Disney Dining offer and two other offers just released are below.





Free Dining is exactly what it sounds like. It is Disney’s promotion which allows guests to include a dining plan with their resort reservation absolutely FREE. Do you know what that means? Free Dole Whips for snacks. Free character dining like the new Storybook Dining with Snow White. And if you decide to combine credits, free steak at the Yachtsman!

Offer #1 – FREE Dining Package

The free dining promotion has limited availability and will end when rooms allocated for this promotion sell out. The promotion is available for the following dates and with the following restrictions.

  • You must book travel by January 16, 2020
  • For arrivals June 27-28, July 5-7 and August 29-September 8, 2020
  • Requires a four-night minimum stay
  • Guests must book a package including park tickets with Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus option
  • Guests at Deluxe resorts will receive the standard Disney Dining Plan for free
  • Guests at Moderate and Value resorts will receive the Quick Service Meal Plan for free
  • Guests at Moderate and Value resorts may upgrade to the standard Disney Dining Plan for an additional fee
  • Excluded resorts include
    • Campsites
    • 3 Bedroom Villas
    • Copper Creek Cabins, Wilderness Lodge Cabins and Polynesian Villas
    • Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation
    • Children 3-9 must order from the children’s menu where available
  • Additional charges if more than two adults per room
  • Gratuities are not included
  • Advance reservation required
  • The number of rooms allocated for this offer is limited

To make sure you get a room with free dining you let the MickeyTravels team help! Call 888-812-8750 or click here to request a vacation quote.

Offer #2: Free Gift Card & Room Discounts

Celebrate the new year surrounded by the magic of Walt Disney World Resort.! You can save up to 20%* on rooms at select Walt Disney World® Resort hotels. Plus, receive a $30 USD Disney Gift Card per person (ages 3 and up) when you upgrade to a package by adding 6-day or longer theme park tickets―a wonderful opportunity for everyone to pick out their own special souvenir during their vacation.

With this offer, you can enjoy distinctive Disney Resort Guest benefits and amenities – including early access toDisney FastPass+ planning, Extra Magic Hours, complimentary Resort transportation and entertaining amenities!

  • Save up to 20% for stays most nights January 2, 2020 through April 25, 2020, when you book by March 7, 2020.
  • Length of stay requirements may apply
  • Excluded resorts include
    • 3 Bedroom Villas
    • Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation
    • Copper Creek Cabins, Wilderness Lodge Cabins and Polynesian Villas
  • Advance reservation required
  • Additional charges if more than two adults per room
  • The number of rooms allocated for this offer is limited

To make sure you get a room with free dining you let the MickeyTravels team help! Call 888-812-8750 or click here to request a vacation quote.

Gift Card Details

  • Only included when a minimum 6-day ticket is added to make a Walt Disney Travel Company package.
  • Everyone in the room must be on the same package.
  • One Disney Gift Card per reservation.
  • If you complete online check-in in advance, the Disney Gift Card will be emailed to you on the day of your arrival. Otherwise, you’ll be asked for your email address when you check in at the Front Desk of your Disney Resort hotel―and the Disney Gift Card will be sent to that email address. The email will contain a bar code for using the Disney Gift Card. If you don’t receive your Disney Gift Card in your inbox, please check your spam folder or stop by the Front Desk for assistance.

To book a free Dining Plan package, call 888-812-8750 or click here to request a vacation quote.





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To book a free Dining Plan package, call 888-812-8750 or click here to request a vacation quote.







Disney’s Dining Plan 101 – 13 Tips for Using Your Credits Wisely

Hailed by some Walt Disney World regulars as the most convenient add-on to a Disney vacation, using a dining plan requires some savvy. If you can purchase a dining package beforehand, you can (theoretically) never have to take out your wallet to purchase food or beverages. All you have to do is scan that oh-so-luxurious MagicBand. Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy a number of snacks, beverages, quick-service meals, and table-service meals on a daily basis. That being said, while the plan is convenient during checkout, it can be pricey. With some planning though, you can actually save money in the end! Take our advice and maximize the most value out of every dollar invested.

1. Understand the Tiers

There are various types of Disney Dining Plans. Each plan offers a set number of meals which are redeemed by either meal or snack dining credits. First of all, the Quick-Service Plan provides guests with two quick-service meals and two snacks per day. Then, the Disney Dining Plan allows guests to enjoy one quick-service meal, one table-service meal, and two snacks each day. And lastly, the Deluxe Dining Plan includes (also on a daily basis) three quick-service or table-service meals and two snacks. (This high tier also includes appetizers and dessert at table-service dinners, whereas the tier below only includes dessert.) Many guests prefer the second option as it provides table-service options without deluxe tier pricing and amounts of food. Naturally, needs and preferences will vary among groups.

2. Decide Whether or Not to Purchase

Speaking of which, once you understand what all of the different packages cost and include, take the time to decide if you’ll need it. If you don’t like working around a dining schedule, this may not be the option for you. Also, you may not eat enough to justify the cost. (Keep in mind, the plans are designed with the assumption that you and your family will use up every dining credit.) It may seem like a pain, but estimate what you’d pay out of pocket based on your family’s eating habits. If you’re dealing with a picky spouse or small children, the lowest tier may still be too much food. On the other hand, if you like to indulge when traveling, a dining package will simplify your days and satisfy your appetite. Take the time to select the right plan for you!

3. Plan a Dining Itinerary

After you book a dining package, map out where you’re going to feast. While almost every restaurant participates in the dining plan, there are exceptions. Also, you’ll need to understand how many dining credits you’re allotted per day.  Map out how you’ll spread them out over your visit. If possible, avoid running out of credits. In fact, be open to sharing a meal or two before you start paying for any meals out of pocket. And honestly, many places offer very shareable portions. Take advantage of this!

4. Avoid Booking Table-Service Breakfasts (Mostly)

When deciding where to use table-service credits, avoid booking breakfasts. These are the cheapest times to eat, so in theory, you will be paying much more in credit value than you would pay out of pocket. This tip doesn’t apply to character breakfast meals since those are more expensive. As a general rule of thumb, if a character meal only costs one table-service credit, you are definitely getting significant bang for your buck!

5. Stick by One Credit Table Service Meals

Regarding the point system for table-service meals, let us explain. Most table service restaurants cost one table service credit, but restaurants in the ‘Signature’ tier will cost you two. (The Signature restaurants consist of more upscale establishments.) At one-table service credit restaurants, it’s much more feasible to enjoy a delicious meal and maximize your credit value.





6. Avoid Two Credit Establishments

And this brings us to our next point, as a thrifty guest, avoid the Signature establishments! By using two table-service credits for one meal, you are paying double in point value. Plus, you will likely be paying for another meal out of pocket to supplement the additional credits used. Enjoying one of the opulent two-credit restaurants is fine, but if you book meals at too many, it could hurt your bottom line.

7. Order Expensively

When making entrée selections at sit-down establishments, remember that you’ll be charged the same amount for either steak or a chicken salad. In the spirit of making the most of those credits, always order meals with the higher dollar value. (This is great news for carnivores!) Regardless of your preference, this isn’t the time to order modestly.

8. Explore Substitution Options

Again, the most popular plan is the second tier plan because it includes one table-service meal a day. Sometimes this can be too much for smaller appetites, especially since sit-down meals always include dessert! If you want to be economical without getting too stuffed, ask your server if your dessert can be substituted for a salad or small appetizer. Not every restaurant will be able to accommodate you, but those that can do so with a smile on their face.

9. Don’t Use Quick-Service Credits for Snacks

Whatever you do, don’t let any dining credits go to waste! If you find yourself dealing with leftover meal credits on your last day, you can exchange them for a small number of packaged snacks. While Disney offers this in goodwill, you’ll end up over-paying for a few rice Krispie treats. Don’t let that happen and ensure that all meal credits go towards actual meals.

10. Maximize Snack and Drink Credits

Every plan includes snack credits and most people use these on sodas, Mickey Ice Cream Bars, and packaged snacks. Those choices are fine, but you may want to consider using your credits on more expensive items like dole whips, cinnamon cronuts, or snacks at one of EPCOT’s many festivals. Additionally, drink credits at restaurants can be used for more decadent choices like milkshakes and alcohol (for guests 21 and over). After all, you should be treating yourself on vacation.





11. Never Use Snack Credits on Water

Bottled water is another popular snack credit option, but we’d urge you to resist. Almost every food stand and restaurant can give you complimentary cups of water. On the other hand, we’ve yet to see any cast members pass out complimentary turkey legs…

12. Don’t Buy Additional Snacks

With each plan offering two snacks per day, never pull out your debit card for extra ice cream. These small purchases can add up dangerously fast. This is especially true for families! With a rough dining itinerary in place, your plan should cover all of your snack times. Otherwise, you may be negating the savings.

13. Keep a Food Diary

If you’re a first-time dining plan buyer and want to confirm if it was a money-saver, keep track of what your food and beverages would’ve cost out of pocket. You may find yourself downsizing or even upgrading your plan for the next Disney adventure. Either way, the knowledge to budget for future vacations will be helpful.

Armed with these tips, you should be prepared to make the most out of your Disney eatery experiences! We wish you the best of luck in selecting your restaurants and enduring the wait before your vacation. Happy Disney Dining!




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