Walt Disney World Weddings – 8 Things To Know About Tying the Knot at WDW

Disney Weddings

Walt Disney World is a magical place and your wedding is a magical day. Now combine the two and you have one super magical moment. Disney offers so many different options and ideas when it comes to tying the knot at Disney World. If you’re recently engaged or just daydreaming about that special moment, then you have come to the right place. Here are 8 things you absolutely must know about getting hitched at Walt Disney World Resort.

8. There are 3 Different Collections of Disney Weddings

There are 3 different wedding “collections” that Disney offers, Wishes, Escape, and Memories. Wishes is your all out traditional wedding. Complete with a full ceremony and reception. The Escape Collection is a little bit more intimate. It only includes a ceremony followed by cake and champagne and includes a maximum of 18 guests. But what makes Escape different than Wishes is that Disney includes certain things like floral and music for your ceremony. The Memories Collection is perfect for a vow renewal or small celebration. It’s for a maximum of 4 guests and includes a ceremony only.

7. You Can Get Married Just About Anywhere on Disney Property

If you browse around the Disney Weddings website, you can “design” your own wedding online. When it comes to the venues category, you’ll notice you can have your ceremony or reception at many of the resorts, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and even a ceremony at the train station at Magic Kingdom. The website offers loads of pictures, make sure you check them out. Even if it’s just for fun!

6. Different Locations Have Different Prices

In fact, some places charge really high rental fees. Places like Magic Kingdom and Epcot have really high ceremony and reception fees. The minimums for each venue also differ. Some places, like Ariel’s at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, only has a $1,200 minimum. Whereas, the American Adventure Rotunda at Epcot has a minimum of almost $3,000. You just have to research. I find printing everything out and making a binder really helps to compare venues.

5. There’s More Than Just Dinner Receptions

Most people assume that wedding ceremonies are always followed by a dinner reception. At Disney, you can choose between a brunch, lunch, or dinner reception. Disney has so many wonderful options to choose from. You can also choose between a plated meal and a buffet.

4. There Are Sometimes Hidden Costs

With all weddings, not just those at Disney World, we often exceed our planned budget. Yes, we factor in the food, the cake, and the dress, but what about transportation? Disney’s transportation fees can add up quickly. So can all the little things, like ceremony decorations and food for the dressing rooms. There are always little things we don’t add into the initial cost, but end up taking a huge chunk of our budget. I find reading other people’s reviews of their Disney weddings helps a lot.

3. You Get A Wedding Planner Included

One thing that makes planning a Disney wedding so much fun is that a Disney wedding planner is included. At home, you may have to do everything yourself or shell out a ridiculous about of money to have someone else do all the work.

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2. You Get To Do Everything You Would If You Planned A Wedding At Home

You might be thinking, yes, a Disney wedding sounds great, but I like the idea of getting to help pick out everything. Well, you can still do that! Planners will send you photos of floral arrangements, decorations, and so on. You can even send them photos of what inspires you. Also, if it’s possible, you can schedule a visit and have your traditional cake and food tastings. So you get the whole wedding planning process, without all the headaches.

1. They Offer More Than Just Weddings

Whether you are in the market for a full on wedding or just a vow renewal, Disney can do it. They don’t just offer your traditional weddings; they even have locations that are strictly for vow renewals. So maybe you didn’t get your dream Disney wedding ten years ago, you can have your dream Disney vow renewal now!

So if you and your fellow Disney loving partner are looking for the perfect place to say I do, Disney is a fantastic option. Especially if you want it to be extra magical! You know how well Disney does magic!

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