We've Ranked All 30 Attractions At Disney World's Magic Kingdom


15. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Hop into a giant hunny pot and you’re on your way through the classic tales of Winnie the Pooh in this fun dark ride that makes use of classic Disney ride technology and effects.  Meet Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore along the way, along with everyone’s favorite stuffed bear.  But watch out for those Heffalumps and Woozles!

14. Enchanted Tales with Belle

Take a magical journey from Maurice’s workshop to the library in the Beast’s castle and experience a reenactment of the day that Belle met the Beast.  The effects in Maurice’s cottage are amazing, but your enjoyment mileage can vary a lot in Enchanted Tales with Belle from one show to the next.  If someone in your party is chosen to play a role, this can be an extremely fun attraction.  If not, you’re just essentially watching someone else’s family have fun.  And depending on the size of the crowd in line, you may not get much, if any, time with Belle. 

13. Mad Tea Party

One of the opening day attractions at Magic Kingdom, Mad Tea Party is arguably the most iconic Disney ride of them all.  It invariably shows up in any Disney World commercial that airs.  The ability to control your own spin rate makes it very family friendly, so you can celebrate your journey in Wonderland at a leisurely rotation or at a breakneck whirl.

Dumbo Flying Elephant

12. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

If any ride could challenge Mad Tea Party for the most historically iconic Disney ride in Magic Kingdom, Dumbo the Flying Elephant would be the one.  A simple ride by nature, it’s the Dumbo theming and circus tent queue that takes this attraction to the next level.  Well, that and the lever that controls your pachyderm’s altitude!

Journey of the Little Mermaid
Journey of the Little Mermaid

11. Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid

Look at this ride.  Isn’t it neat?  It’s more than a reason to get off your feet!  Wouldn’t you think it’s a ride – a ride that has everything?  It’s got Ariel and Sebastian aplenty.  It’s got Ursula and Triton galore.  You want other sea creatures?  We’ve got many!  But who cares?  No big deal.  Ride it some more…

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