Which Disney World Resort Hotel is Best for Your Next Trip?

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If you’re planning a Disney World trip, one of the first things you must consider is where to stay. While some people choose to stay off Disney property, we feel that staying on Disney property is by far the best way to experience Disney World.

Obviously, choosing to stay onsite narrows down your choices a bit, but with so many Disney-owned hotels on their enormous property, you’re still left with quite a few options to choose from. How on earth do you choose just one?

In this article we are going to ask you some common questions that will help narrow your choices and help you find the best hotel option for any given trip. Let’s begin!

1. What is Your Budget?

First you will need to consider your budget. Disney places each of their resort hotels in one of 3 categories. Knowing which category you’re looking fro will really help during the hotel shopping period.

Value Resorts

These hotels are the most basic options on property and are the least expensive of the bunch. They are very clean and even offer some fun and colorful theming, as well as themed pools.

However, they do not include slides or hot tubs in the pools areas, or table-service restaurants. Additionally, the comfort of the in-room furniture may not be on par with the furniture in nicer Disney hotels, and the standard rooms include full-size beds rather than queen-size.

Moderate Resorts

These are a step up from Value Resorts in comfort level and price. They are still themed, but the theming tends to be a bit less cartoony. The pools all have hot tubs and slides, and the rooms include more comfortable furniture and queen-size beds.
A table-service eatery is available at each Moderate Resort, but these tend to be only lightly themed and usually do not include characters (with the exception of Fort Wilderness Campground).

Deluxe Resorts

Finally, there are the Deluxe Resorts. These are pricey, but are lovely and plush in every way imaginable. They offer awesome themed pool areas and amazing dining experiences. The beds are amazingly comfortable, and the rooms are a bit bigger. Additionally, some Deluxe Resorts have special transportation options for those who prefer not to take the bus.

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