Why Doesn’t Disney Fix the Yeti While Expedition Everest Is Under Refurbishment?

Expedition Everest

One of the most iconic rides at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been undergoing refurbishment since the beginning of January of this year. Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, which has recently had its reopening date pushed back, is a highlight for many Guests exploring Disney’s Animal Kingdom, especially for those Guests looking for immersive Disney storytelling with loads of thrills. Unfortunately, one major part of the Expedition Everest experience, the Yeti, has not been working since shortly after the ride opened in 2006, and it seems unlikely that fans will ever see it restored to its original state.

expedition everest

Expedition Everest takes Guests on a journey through the Forbidden Mountain, which overlooks the Asia section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and offers forward and backward-facing drops, plus an encounter with the Yeti. When the ride first opened, the Yeti proved to be one of the most impressive Audio-Animatronics figures of the time, as he appeared to lunge toward Guests passing through the center of the mountain on the train.

The legendary Yeti stopped working only months after the ride opened, and despite fans constantly wondering if or when the Yeti will be fixed, the figure has remained in “B” mode, or “disco Yeti” as some fans call the figure ever since. While in “B” mode, lights flash on the Animatronic to mimic movement as Guests pass by at high speeds from the rollercoaster.

The issue with the Yeti that led to its current state is actually the result of its original movement. The way the Yeti moved shortly after the attraction opened in this Disney park put too much pressure on the structure within the mountain that holds up the Animatronic. In the years since the Yeti stopped moving, Disney Imagineers, including Joe Rohde, have briefly touched on the roller coaster sharing that if the Yeti were to move in its current location, it would cause massive problems to the structure of the mountain.

Will the Yeti be fixed then? Especially now while the ride is already undergoing a refurbishment? Unfortunately, the outlook for the Yeti being repaired is not a positive one. An Expedition Everest Cast Member recently shared with us that the Yeti is not being fixed, but if it were to happen, it would take roughly size months to a year to completely fix it.

Expedition Everest

Credit: Disney

Of course, any Disney fan would love to see the Yeti restored to its original state for their next Disney vacation, especially as many Guests did not have the opportunity to ride Expedition Everest before the Animatronic went into B Mode. If anything changes at the theme park and work is done someday on the Yeti, we will keep you updated here on Disney Fanatic.

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