Why We Feel Like Walt Disney World Is Safer Than The Grocery Store

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World
Credit: Disney

As we quickly approach the one year anniversary of the lockdown, our daily lives have changed significantly from commuting to and from work, traveling, eating in restaurants, and much more.  Since Disney World re-opened their gates in July, guest safety has been at the forefront of the decisions they have made regarding operations.  However, these decisions ensure a safe experience and guest are safer visiting Disney World than they are on their average trip to the grocery store.

1. Temperature Checks

As guests approach the gates to the park, Cast Members will take the temperature of the guests to make sure they do not have a fever.  If your temperature is elevated (which isn’t unsurprising given how hot it can get in Central Florida), guests are given the opportunity to go to a cool down booth and have their temperature checked again.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have not seen temperature checks being used to enter the grocery store.

2. Sanitizer Everywhere

Guests can access hand sanitizer at various places throughout the parks in dispensers.  Guests can also choose to wash their hands in any of the restrooms, as well as various temporary wash basins throughout the parks.  Disney makes hand hygiene very easy by making all of these methods available to guests throughout the parks at countless locations.  On our last trip to the supermarket, there was some sanitizer at the entrance, as well as some wipes for the shopping cart, but that was it. 

Credit: Disney

3. Constant Cleaning

The custodial staff at Disney have always been hard workers and constantly cleaning around the parks.  Their commitment to clean has only increased since the pandemic.   Crews are wiping down tables and touch points to keep everyone safe and healthy.  In addition to cleaning in the restaurants and shops, Disney is also cleaning the ride vehicles in the attractions on a very tight schedule throughout the day.  This in in addition to the plastic dividers Disney has put in the attraction queues, as well as some of the ride vehicles. 

Credit: Disney (Topolino’s Terrace)


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4. Mobile Ordering

With only select table service locations being opened, Disney has been encouraging people to utilize mobile ordering when guests choose to dine at a counter service location.  Cast Members are posted at the doors to restaurants to assist guests if they have any questions or problems, but also to ensure that guests have used the mobile ordering platform before allowing them to enter the restaurant and grab their food and help direct them to their table. 

5. Social Distancing

As we have gotten used to, guests should be expecting to see stand points throughout the parks and queues for attractions as a helpful reminder to keep your distance from people who are not in your party.  Cast Members will also monitor guests to ensure they aren’t creeping up on others.  With this social distancing, guests may even luck out and get to see some behind the scenes locations in the parks while waiting for their attraction!

6. Mask Enforcement

Guests are required to wear a mask when in the parks unless they are stationary, social distanced, and actively eating and drinking or sitting at a restaurant eating and drinking.  Cast Members are also watching guests to make sure they are complying with the mask requirements.  Guests will be given a stern reminder, but if there are repeated violations, guests can be removed from the parks due to their behavior.

Credit: Disney

7. Reservation System

To control the number of people entering a park on any day, Disney requires guests to utilize their Park Pass Reservation system prior to entering the park.  By doing this, Disney is able to control the crowd levels in the park, but also make accurate staffing decisions for the restaurants and attractions throughout the park.  We have yet to see this method employed at the supermarket, but will notice employees limiting the number of people in the store, but this can lead to longer lines for customers to get in.

We love visiting Disney and truly appreciate the time that Disney has put into these safety protocols to keep us safe.  It is not hyperbole to say that we feel safer visiting Disney than we do running down to the store to grab some milk, bread, and cookies.  Have you been to Disney since it has re-opened?  What safety features make you feel the most secure?  Is there anything else that Disney could put in place that would make you feel even safer?

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