You No Longer Need A Reservation To Get This Item In Disney World

you won't be disappointed by the restaurants at Disney World
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Disney World’s 50th anniversary is done, over, finished! With every ending though is a new beginning. There are loads of new things in Disney World right now. First off, Happily Ever After is BACK!! The beloved Magic Kingdom fireworks show lights up the skies once again. EPCOT Forever is gonna hopefully keep coming back forever because as of today, it gets to brighten up EPCOT’s skies and our days!

disney happily ever after

The 50th medallion has left the castle! According to promotional images, the pink is here to stay (unfortunately). There have been many food updates. At Disney’s Coronado Springs, fans are super pleased that nachos and burrito bowls are back! At Club Cool in EPCOT, there is only one singular option, the dreaded BEVERLY!!

Some items though are shocking guests. An icon of Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom was “the grey stuff” for dessert. As in the song “Be Our Guest” they sing “try the grey stuff, it’s delicious, don’t believe us ask the dishes!”. This was an item you could only get inside the price fix restaurant, paying $70 a head for each adult guest. (Then add on tax and tip and rose wine and oof!)

Be Our Guest Cupcakes

You can now find a grey stuff cupcake right in new Fantasyland, right in Gaston’s Tavern! Still super authentic as Gaston’s Tavern is of course based off of Beauty and the Beast as well. Direct from Disney they share: “The Master’s Cupcake: Chocolate Cupcake topped with “The Grey Stuff” and crispy Pearls $5.79”. Also new to the menu at Gaston’s is a ham, provolone and swiss sandwich. Wash it all down with a signature LeFou’s Brew! Save at least $65 and grab yourself a master’s cupcake from Gaston’s and be grateful you did not have suffer through even attempting to get those advanced dinning reservations!

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