7 Things We Love About Le Cellier Steakhouse

Cellier Restaurant

Ah, Le Cellier. This Canadian steakhouse has long been a favorite among Disney epicureans. Rising above Epcot’s Canada pavilion, Le Cellier is situated steps away from the O Canada! theater. Diners can stroll a charming garden before entering the venue’s manorly walls. Sound tempting? Consider the following bullet points to see if Le Cellier deserves a spot on your own Disney bucket list.

1. It’s a Disney Castle

With a stately château exterior and wine cellar interior, Le Cellier displays the finer side of Disney. Tucked away in Epcot’s Canada pavilion, Le Cellier (or, “The Cellar”) boasts several dining rooms, all named for the country’s provinces. Wood, stone, and candlelight combine to create an atmosphere that is as welcoming as it is impressive.

2. Superior Service

Le Cellier is a Signature Restaurant, so it should be no surprise that its cast members are rigorously trained. Combine that training with the desire to display the best that their native Canada has to offer, and you can expect an educational culinary experience. With signature Disney enthusiasm, your knowledgeable server will lead you through the menu, offering recommendations when needed and tending to your every need. You’ll likely find that Le Cellier’s team is one of the best on Walt Disney World property.

3. That Pretzel Bread

Carbophobic patrons, avert thine eyes! Before your meal even officially begins, that previously discussed server will deliver Le Cellier’s bread basket. The basket features three varieties of glutenous glory, each representing a different regional specialty. This touch emphasizes the previously established dining room naming theme. The most famous roll is of course, the pretzel bread. Considering the basket’s presentation, it’s not just delicious, it’s educational too!

4. Quench Your Thirst

Thirsty tourists can rejoice at the bevy of beverages featured at Le Cellier. Beyond the average soft drink options, diners are treated to a host of choices such as hot tea for languid sight­-seers, ice wine for curious travelers, and a hefty wine and beer list for those who appreciate the classics. The selections don’t end there! Why not make a reservation to ensure that you’ll have the opportunity to review them all?

5. The All­-Stars

No, I’m not talking about the Disney resorts. The mushroom­smothered Le Cellier Filet Mignon and Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup are so wildly popular with Le Cellier regulars that they often make a special appearance at Canada’s Food and Wine Festival booth! Of course, Le Cellier also wouldn’t be quite the same without its shameless poutine, piled high with rich toppings like red wine reduction, bacon, or gruyè​r​e cheese. We recommend ordering the poutine as an appetizer to split, since there’s so much to explore on the menu!

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6. Veggie-­Friendly Dining

In spite of its reputation as one of the most loved steakhouses on any Disney property, Le Cellier boasts a number of enticing meatless options. We’ve already mentioned the cheesy poutine and warm pretzel bread. Add in a variety of nosh­worthy, herbaceous appetizers, and meat­-free diners feel satisfied before they even approach the main course. While the menu is subject to changes, yours truly once dined on a beet salad appetizer, potato cannelloni entrée, and a variety of breads and cheeses to the point of complete satisfaction, in spite of my omnivorous ways. Spurning the trademark meat dishes in favor of Le Cellier’s expertly prepared vegetarian selections is a sacrifice I’d be willing to make again.

7. Special Events

For a splurge­worthy experience, Le Cellier provides a Thanksgiving smorgasbord and several specialty seatings on New Year’s Eve. Reservations are a must, since holidays are a popular time to visit the Disney parks. However, given the restaurant’s longevity and patron loyalty, you can be assured that a holiday meal will be worth a little extra planning. These seasonal menus are also an excellent way to sample the best of what Le Cellier has to offer.
As with any Signature Restaurant, Disney’s Le Cellier is best approached with an advance reservation, an empty stomach, and a willing wallet. If you can live with these conditions (oh, and tolerate the seven aforementioned bonuses), Le Cellier might just be qualified to deliver a memorable meal especially for you.

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