Our 2 Favorite Eats At Each Pavillion in World Showcase

Fish and Chips

7. Morocco

Morocco is an oft-overlooked option for dining in the World Showcase. We love the Hummus Fries at Spice Road Table. They’ve been popping up lately during festivals, so even if you don’t have time for a table service meal, try stopping by a booth if it’s festival season and give them a try! You also can’t go wrong with the platter meals at Tangierine Cafe, which offer a smattering of several popular middle eastern dishes for a great value.

8. France

Oh, France: another pavilion that is a food-lover’s delight! For starters, we have to direct our attention to the Croque Glacé (a brioche ice cream sandwich) at L’Artisans des Glaces. The key to this dessert is picking an ice cream and sauce flavor that complement the warm, buttery brioche. We recommend the cinnamon with caramelized apple with caramel sauce for a take on apple pie a la mode. Next, it’s not a trip to Epcot without stopping in at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie. The Macaron with Raspberry and Lime Cream is light as air and so photogenic.

9. U.K.

Is it too obvious if we love to nosh the fish & chips at Yorkshire County Fish Shop? If it is, we can’t hear your groaning over our munching and crunching on crispy fried breading! For a cozier vibe, duck inside either the Rose & Crown Pub or Dining Room and grab yourself a classic Scotch Egg.

10. Canada

Canada has less dining locations than some Showcase countries, but what it contains is next-level comfort food! The two best-loved options are both inside Le Cellier: poutine and cheddar cheese soup. While both of these are currently offered at the Refreshment Port just next door, dining at Le Cellier will give you more poutine varieties and the bonus of bread service with your soup. Mmm, pretzel bread!

Our trip around the World Showcase is complete. We might as well waddle to the Refreshment Port for a Croissant Doughnut! As you can tell, the feast at Epcot is neverending. Be they sugary, savory, or other-worldly, there are snacks to suit every palate. Plus, with offerings constantly updated around the World Showcase, there’s always an excuse to go. If you don’t already have your own favorites, why not bring this list along the next time you visit? Whether traveling with the whole crew or flying solo, we’re sure you’ll find something that you want to keep all to yourself!

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