10 Lousy Things People Do At Disney World And How To Deal With It

Animal Kingdom Line

2. Skipping the Lines

Waiting in line is inevitable when checking out the theme parks.  Luckily, they have made the lines more entertaining on some rides, and there are even apps with games for those waiting in the standby line.  While waiting can take up your time, we should be respectful of everyone and follow directions to do so.  Skipping lines at the parks can cause a lot of issues not just with cast members, but with other guests as well.  Unfortunately, there have even been physical altercations in the lines because of those who try to skip.  If someone skips you in line, kindly tell them that you have been waiting in line and they need to do so as well.  If this doesn’t work (which it usually does because they will be embarrassed that others know they skipped too), tell a cast member. 


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