Top 10 Snacks You Should Take With You Into Disney Parks


Disney dining is just as exciting as exploring the rides and attractions. Guests usually prepare months in advance to chow down on their favorite Disney meals. While the snacks at the parks are fantastic, they can definitely put a dent in your wallet if your whole family is munching on snacks all day long. Depending on the snacks you bring into the parks, guests often have trouble with leaky, smelly, or melted snacks. Sometimes, snacks can also go sour due to the fact that they sit in your bag all day long without refrigeration. Here are ten great snacks to take with you to the Disney Parks that will help you keep more cash in your wallet!

10. Granola Bars

Granola bars are my favorite snack to take to the parks. They are filling, individually wrapped, take up little space, don’t need cooling, and will hold you over until your next meal. These are great ‘grab and go’ snacks no matter where you are in the parks because they make little to no mess. I like to purchase a variety of flavors so that I don’t get bored of the same kind during my vacation.

9. Cookies

When you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, but don’t want to spend a fortune on sugary snacks for the whole family, cookies are the best way to go. Most cookies (i.e.- Oreo, Chips Ahoy, etc.) sell individually wrapped bags which like the granola bars, make it easier to enjoy on the go. Since these are super affordable for the whole family, the kids can also enjoy their own pack instead of sharing a pricey treat from the park.

8. Trail Mix

Another healthy alternative for snacking is trail mix. Since nuts are packed with protein, it’s a great way to stay satisfied and enjoy a salty/sweet combination. The only concern with trail mix is that squirrels love to enjoy it too. Be sure not to leave your trail mix in a stroller so that the squirrels don’t get to it.

7. Frozen Yogurt/Applesauce

Many yogurt and applesauce brands are packaging their products in plastic, squeezable bags. Brands like GoGo SqueeZ and Go Gurt are examples of these snacks. Along with granola bars and cookies, they don’t take much space and are easy to take on the go. The only concern with these would be a leak, however, if you freeze them, they will stay sturdy for a while. You’ll want to enjoy the yogurt before it gets warm anyways, so freezing it would be great.

6. Frozen Grapes

Fruit isn’t always a great option as a take along snack, but frozen grapes are really delicious and nutritious. They tend to stay frozen for a while if you put them in a zip lock bag, or better yet, a small plastic container.

5. Apples & Peanut Butter

Another great snack is apples and peanut butter. Luckily, you don’t have to carry the entire jar or an apple slicer around since there are small individual packs of peanut butter and apple slices. I love enjoying this mid-day so that the apples are still chilled!

4. Rice Cakes

A light snacking alternative are rice cakes. While these can take up some space, they’re light and airy and a great way to save calories or stay healthy during your trip. If you like topping off your rice cake with something like peanut butter or Nutella, you can just dip it in the grab and go containers!

3. Chips

Chips are probably the most popular option for snacking because, well, who doesn’t love chips?! Besides a typical bag of chips, crackers and goldfish are also pretty common in the parks because they’re a favorite with the little ones. If you choose to bring chips or crackers, remember not to leave them in your stroller since the squirrels will feast on these too!

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2. Gummies

Fruit snacks are a sweet little treat and a great snack to carry around. A pack usually brings quite a few pouches, so you’ll have enough to last throughout your trip with a box or two. They also don’t take up too much space. I love buying the Disney themed fruit snacks for more of a Disney feel. The kids love to see their favorite characters as gummies as we roam the parks.

1. Water & Drink Packets

Water is an absolute must in South Florida. It is usually very hot so staying hydrated is essential. A water bottle can cost around three dollars at the parks, making a family of four pay over twelve dollars each time they want water. Carrying around a few bottles or one large one will allow you to stay hydrated during the day and not spend a fortune. When it’s time to fill up, you can head over to the water fountain or ask for a cup of ice water from any quick service location. I like to refill my bottle with the water from the restaurants because its colder than the water fountains and doesn’t have an aftertaste like “Orlando water” has. Water can get a bit boring after a while, so another great alternative is flavor packages (i.e.- Crystal Light). You can give your water some flavor and not feel like you’re drinking the same thing over and over again.

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