Try “Mama Odie’s Trail Mix” Recipe from the Ultimate Princess Celebration

princess and the frog

Most Disney events come with lots of delicious meals or recipes, and the ongoing Ultimate Princess Celebration has been no different since it kicked off with World Princess Week last year. You can now try a unique breakfast called “Tiana’s Toast” (check out the recipe here) as well as this delightfully flavorful New Orleans trail mix inspired by Mama Odie from the 2009 Disney movie The Princess and the Frog!

princess and the frog

Princess Tiana and Louis follow their dreams in this artist’s rendering of the ‘Princess and the Frog’ attraction that will replace Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom. Credit: Disney

You might not be heading down to the bayou with Prince Naveen of Maldonia or snacking as you explore New Orleans like Tiana and Mama Odie, but you can certainly try some Disney trail mix (as long as you exhibit their signature courage and kindness) with this easy recipe from the Courage and Kindness Club!

mama odie

Mama Odie with Tiana and Prince Naveen in ‘The Princess and the Frog’ Credit:

The ingredients for this Ultimate Princess Celebration recipe are nuts of your choice, seeds of your choice, freeze-dried fruits (preferably chopped), and crunchy snacks like “unsweetened pretzels” or cereal. All you have to do is mix up the nuts, seeds, fruits, and crunchy carbohydrates to your heart’s content!

For some extra spices or flavors, you might want to experiment with a little barbecue sauce or seasoning as well. Spicy honey could work, too! Then pour the mixture into a resealable bag, and you’re ready for an adventure with good food!

princess and the frog

An artist’s rendering of the upcoming ‘Princess and the Frog’ attraction, featuring the woman who partly inspired the film. Photo Credit: Disney

One of the best things about trail mix is its flexibility when it comes to time and money. Any Disney princess fan can whip up some trail mix, just by tossing a few treats together and eyeballing how much he or she wants of each treat!

Approach your trail mix like Mama Odie approaches the concoction that she makes while singing “Dig a Little Deeper”, and you’ll be all set for a journey with your children, a journey with Prince Naveen of Maldonia, or a journey with yourself as you sing about your dreams!

Have you been following the Ultimate Princess Celebration since Disney princesses like Belle, Cinderella, Mulan, Ariel, and (of course) Princess Tiana were honored during World Princess Week?

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