Try This “Tiana Toast” Recipe from the Ultimate Princess Celebration

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The Ultimate Princess Celebration is still going strong with special events and honorees, but now there are some Disney princess recipes for Disney fanatics to try, too! Check out this recipe for “Tiana Toast” (inspired by New Orleans chef Tiana from the 2009 animated movie The Princess and the Frog) shared as part of the celebration!


Princess Tiana Credit: Disney

Some Disney recipes can seem intimidating (like this collard greens recipe from Sanaa), but this toast recipe seems relatively easy! The recipe was shared by the “Courage and Kindness Club” which is a subset of the Ultimate Princess Celebration and honors the Disney princesses’ focus on courage and kindness.


Princess Tiana from ‘The Princess and the Frog’ Credit: Disney Princesses

Ingredients needed for this recipe are low-fat plain yogurt, seeds of your choice, colorful fruits, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, and either whole wheat, multigrain, or rye bread. There are no flour, dough, sugar, or other beignet ingredients needed for cooking here! The recipe also comes with a fun DIY craft for kids, which is essentially a craft to turn the recipe into a small booklet.



The first step is, obviously, to toast the bread of your choice! There’s no need to knead any bread dough or use a dough hook, unless you made your own bread, so the bread step is easy.

Toast two slices, then cover each bread slice with some of the plain yogurt. Next, add some fruits of your choice (ideally chopped) and add as many coconut flakes, seeds, and cacao nibs as you’d like on top! Honey might also be a nice topping!


Princess Tiana makes her famous beignets in Princess and the Frog. Photo Credit: Disney /

This healthy breakfast is easy once you’ve collected the necessary ingredients for the recipe (and convinced any picky eaters in the family to give it a try). Don’t forget to nibble on this Ultimate Princess Celebration toast (or a beignet coated in sugar, if you want) while you’re watching Tiana’s very own Disney+ animated series!

If you and your family like this flavorful snack, follow it up with another New Orleans treat such as Mama Odie’s Trail Mix recipe from the Ultimate Princess Celebration, too!

Have you been following along with this Disney princess event? Is Princess Tiana your favorite Disney princess?

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