10 Magic Kingdom Experiences For Your Bucket List

Cinderella Castle

The Magic Kingdom has so much to offer, not only in the way of attractions, but in magical experiences. Some of these experiences are easy to take advantage of, but others require advanced planning or plain good luck. The ultimate Magic Kingdom bucket list is a combination of all of these. If anyone were able to complete all of these experiences, it would truly be a dream come true.

10. Get a Haircut in Harmony Barber Shop

Young and old, male and female, all guests are able to step inside this working old-fashioned Harmony Barber Shop with real state-licensed cosmetologists. While there, you can get your hair cut and be entertained by the famous Main Street Barbershop Quartet. They even have a special First Haircut package and each guest has the option of being sprinkled with a little pixie dust when their haircut is over. Reservations requested.

9. Ride All Four Mountains In One Day

If you’re a thrill ride fan, this is an easy one to do, but does require some planning. Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (which is technically a mountain) draw the largest crowds in the park, but for a good reason. If you can manage all four in one day, you’ve conquered the mountains.

8. See The Welcome Show and Goodnight Kiss

Before Magic Kingdom opens, there is a short Welcome Ceremony with the citizens of Main Street and some of your favorite Disney characters. A family is even selected to help open the park. Then, a half hour after the park closes, Magic Kingdom puts on its Goodnight Kiss. Gift shops on Main Street are still open at this time so it’s okay for guests to linger. Then the castle starts shimmering and a special announcement is made thanking everyone for coming and wishing them a goodnight.

7. Enjoy the Christmas and Halloween Parties

The park also holds special events during September/October, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and in November/December, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Both require a separate ticket purchase, but offer special parades, food items, and entertainments not found any other time of year. Hard-to-find characters also make an appearance at these events.

6. Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party

You can avoid the crowds and enjoy a buffet of desserts while watching the Wishes fireworks show from the Tomorrowland Terrance. Advance reservations are required for this experience and guests get an unobstructed view of the castle and show. Tinker Bell even flies directly over the party.

5. Try The Grey Stuff

The fabled “Grey Stuff” first mentioned in the Beauty and the Beast film is now an actual dessert. Found only in the Be Our Guest Restaurant, guests can finally try the Grey Stuff, and it is delicious. You’ll have to try for yourself, but be sure to get a reservation as soon as possible since this experience books up quickly.

4. Take A Tour

Magic Kingdom offers a number of behind the scenes tours both for all family members and for the older crowd. Guests can choose from Disney’s Family Magic Tour (all ages), Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour (16+), Disney’s The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour (10+), and the Walt Disney: Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tours (18+). All tours require reservations and a separate fee, but can take you into parts of the Magic Kingdom usually restricted to guests.

3. Be Chosen As Grand Marshal For A Parade

For the park’s afternoon parades, a family is chosen at random to serve as the Grand Marshal for the day. There really is no sure fire way to be chosen. Happy families enjoying a day at the Magic Kingdom have the best chance to be selected.

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2. Attend A 24-Hour Event

The Disney Side campaign has created a re-occurring event where the Magic Kingdom park is open 24 hours from 6am to 6am. Guests are encouraged to show their Disney Side and enjoy the attractions and entertainments all day and all evening, if they can stay awake. This tends to occur in the Spring near the Memorial Day holiday. This event has also been called the most affordable Disney day of the year because a general park admission gets you in for twice the amount of time.

1. Stay At The Suite In Cinderella Castle

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you luck out on, or you don’t. The space in Cinderella Castle initially designed to be Walt Disney’s apartment has been converted into a special suite guests can stay in. However, you can’t book this experience. Guests are either chosen at random in the park or winners of a Disney Parks contest. If you do happen to be one of the lucky few, be sure to take lots of pictures as it may never happen again.

With determination, planning, and a bit of dumb luck, this Magic Kingdom bucket list is sure to make any visit to the park an extra-special one. What experiences would you put on your bucket list?

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