10 Clear Symptoms of a Disney Fanatic – Are You One Of Us?

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Not every Disney visitor is a Disney Fanatic. I have woefully been in conversations with friends and relatives who disagree with my assessment of the Disney theme parks. They embrace the non-themed, “extreme thrill rides—the more terrifying, the better” type amusement parks. There is two words I use to negate their comparison with the Disney theme parks, and that word is “Walt Disney”. In my opinion as a true Disney Fanatic, no amusement park without the spirit and idealism of Walt Disney will ever rise to the exceptional attention to safety, amusement, and family-friendly atmosphere of a Disney theme park. I have listed some symptoms that define whether or not you may be a Disney Fanatic.

10. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes — There is nothing like a good night’s sleep to make your day a little easier to deal with. When you are constantly waking up with a smile on your face after sweet dreams of Spaceship Earth, Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain, or Expedition Everest, you just might be a Disney Fanatic. Of course, these dreams must be followed by daydreams of your last or next trip to Walt Disney World in order to be classified as a true Disney Fanatic.

9. Disney-themed Music — Let’s say that every trip you make in your car is accompanied by Mouse World Radio music or only Disney CD’s playing on your CD player. When you arrive home, and while cleaning house or cooking dinner, your I Pod is “whistling while you work”. This is a pretty good clue that you could possibly be a Disney Fanatic.

8. Disney-themed Merchandise — You’ve just gone shopping, and when you get home, and as you are putting away groceries and other items, many of the products have Disney themes, like candy, juice boxes, clothing, diapers, cookies, toys, etc. In your house, you have numerous Disney knick knacks, collectibles, decorative pillows, throws and framed Disney World attraction pictures hanging on the walls. Could you be classified as a Disney Fanatic? It’s highly possible.

7. Disney-themed Christmas — A very merry Disney Christmas could classify you as a Disney Fanatic, especially if you are like me and my family. We have our regular Christmas tree decorated with all sorts of ornaments and candy canes, icicles, mini twinkling lights, etc. But, then there is our Disney Christmas tree decorated with totally Disney ornaments, including Disney Princesses, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and other characters, in various sizes and shapes. We even have Christmas Mickey & Minnie, Donald& Goofy, light sets. In fact one whole corner of our living room is designated our “Mickey Christmas Corner”. To add to the Disney Christmas theme, all the packages under the tree are, of course, wrapped in Disney-themed wrapping paper. Yes, we are definitely Disney Fanatics!

6. “You Tube” Disney — If you find yourself spending hours on “You Tube” looking at WDW vacation videos posted by other people, wishing you were there, you are close to being a Disney Fanatic, but not quite. Now, if you comment on every video, using more than 100 words, then you could be a Disney Fanatic.

5. WDW Vacation Pictures — Many people who experience a Walt Disney World vacation have literally returned home with hundreds of photographic memories of their trip. That does not necessarily make you a Disney Fanatic. However, if you come home with thousands of WDW photos, download them and create multiple vacation albums with detailed descriptions under every photo, I would definitely consider you a Disney Fanatic.

4. Disney Withdrawal — Most Disney visitors return home, brag about their wonderful trip to family and friends, showing off souvenirs and photos, and in a few days return to their normal lives, jobs, school, etc. A Disney Fanatic will display such withdrawal symptoms as constantly looking at WDW vacation pictures and videos, reminiscing about their most recent visit, causing bouts of depression that linger longer than any other vacation memories, but are totally resolved by—the next WDW vacation!

3. Ancestry Search — Another sign that you may be a Disney Fanatic is your unwavering search on family ancestry web sights to hopefully find out if your family is somehow connected to Walt Disney himself, or one of the early Disney Imagineers who worked with Mr. Disney. Somehow, you feel related to this ingenious creator and dreamer, or anyone who was a part of his “kingdom”.

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2. Disney Visions — You’re driving down the freeway on your way to the shopping mall, and all of a sudden the Highway sign where you normally exit, appears with the words “Walt Disney World/ Exit 1 Mile”. You shake your head, blink your eyes and look again. The words have changed back into the familiar exit sign. What you just experienced is a WDW flashback memory, and this can happen if you have become a Disney Fanatic. These flashbacks are rarely harmful, and usually only last a few seconds, but can happen at any time, any place, especially if you are trueDisney Fanatic.

1. Special Delivery – #1 clear sign you are a certifiable Disney Fanatic: Your doorbell rings, and the UPS driver is standing there with his device for you to sign, then asks where you want the special item you ordered. You tell him to bring it to the garage; you open the door, and what is rolled into your garage is a genuine, original ride vehicle from the former “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” emblazoned with “Mr. Toad” on the front of the vehicle.

As I said in the beginning, not every Walt Disney World visitor turns into a Disney Fanatic. A Disney Fanatic is a person who is able to shut out the rest of the world while visiting this spectacular Disney theme park, or any Disney theme park. It’s not just the thrill rides, food, or attractions, or even the “meet and greet” Disney characters. A Disney Fanatic is a dedicated, loyal, admirer of the man who created it all, Walter Elias Disney. Without his imagination, creativity, and visions of the future, there would be no Disney empire, and no Disney Fanatics. Thank you, Walt, for sharing all your dreams with us!

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I am a working mother of four adult children, 2 granddogs, and one grandcat. I have been a Disney fanatic since 1959, when my parents took my sister and I on a journey across the country to Disneyland. Needless to say, we were thrilled, and this became our vacation destination for the next 10 years. Later, when Walt Disney World was opened, we travelled to Florida and discovered a whole new Disney experience, and WDW became our new vacation destination. Now, our extended family members are all Disney Fanatics and always ready to talk about anything Disney.

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