10 Most Decadent Desserts At Disney World Resort

Funnel Cake

Disney dining is definitely a unique experience, but their desserts are out of this world and easy to crave for. There is nothing like enjoying a Disney dessert. With all of the diverse sweet treats out there, it may be hard to decide what to get, but not to worry! Here are 10 of the most decadent desserts at Disney World!

10. Funnel Cake

There is nothing like hot fried dough covered in sweet powdered sugar to make my taste buds dance! The best part about these desserts is you can request them however you would like with toppings like powdered sugar, ice cream, fudge, and much more. Disney funnel cakes are so fresh and delicious because they are made to order and are big enough to share. Due to the pricing, funnel cakes are not on the Disney dining plan. Funnel cakes are offered at all four theme parks and at the Boardwalk Resort so you can snag one up wherever you go!

9. Tonga Toast

While this is considered a breakfast menu item, it is so sweet that you can have it as a dessert (for breakfast of course)! Tonga toast is the signature breakfast item on the Kona Kafe menu at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Two huge pieces of sourdough bread are stuffed with ripe bananas and deep-fried to perfection. It is then covered with cinnamon sugar and served with sweet strawberry compote. While I love it with syrup, it is still so delicious it could be devoured without it. It’s no wonder guests continue to make this the most famous breakfast item on the menu! Kona Kafe accepts most of the Disney dining plans.

8. Zebra Domes

These little babies are slowly making their way to fame as one of the most popular Disney desserts on the property. Zebra domes are made with coffee and Kahlua liqueur and have a creamy mousse consistency that will melt in your mouth. While these domes are small, it is easy to consume many of them because they are just that good. There are only two places within the Animal Kingdom Lodge that serve zebra domes: Boma and The Mara. Boma is a family style buffet, so if you decide to dine here, you will be able to have as many zebra domes as you would like since they are part of the dessert section in the buffet. Boma accepts most Disney dining plans. Not dining at Boma? Check out The Mara, the quick service restaurant and shop for those that are on the move. You can use a snack credit on the Disney dining plan to purchase a pack of 4 zebra domes. Even if you are not staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort, it is totally worth it to make the drive over to try out the zebra domes!

7. Chocolate Extinction

Looking for a huge dessert to share with your family? Look no further than the chocolate extinction, served at the T-Rex Café at Downtown Disney. The chocolate extinction includes four massive pieces of rich fudge cake served with a heaping scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, topped off with fudge and caramel sauce and dusted with Butterfinger crumbles. The center of this dessert includes a really cool cup with dry ice to make your dessert really stand out. This is the T-Rex Café’s most popular treat (especially for birthdays). This is a great way to indulge with your family for dessert time! The T-Rex Café accepts some of the Disney dining plans and reservations are highly recommended.

6. Cinnamon Roll

You can sign me up for a cinnamon roll anytime! Gaston’s Tavern, located in the new Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, serves the most delicious cinnamon rolls on the Disney World property. Thee massive rolls infuse sweet cinnamon in soft dough covered by a warm thick glaze. When I first laid my eyes on one of these bad boys, I was immediately started to scavenge the park for them and I was so happy to see that I was able to share them with my family (due to their enormous size). These make for a great sweet treat at any time of the day! The cinnamon rolls are not accepted on the Disney dining plans.

5. Nutella & Fruit Waffle

I know there are a plethora of Nutella fans all over the world. Nutella is one of the most delicious spreads out there, and you better believe it tastes even better when you’re enjoying it at the happiest place on earth. Sleepy Hollow, located in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom, offers this delectable treat on top of a fluffy waffle and covered with strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. This waffle is big enough to share (or not if you’re feeling extra hungry). This location also serves funnel cakes (as stated above) so you can mix and match your treats if you would like. The nutella and fruit waffle, or any other treats sold here, are not on the Disney dining plan.

4. Gourmet Cake Cups at Cheshire Café

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Cupcakes are one of America’s most popular sweet treats, and Disney definitely has some great ones all over the property to enjoy. While the monthly specialty cupcakes take over the spotlight, there are some really delicious gourmet cupcakes that are sold all year at Cheshire Café, located in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. These cupcakes are beautifully decorated and presented parfait style. My personal favorite is the Cheshire cake cup, which includes multiple layers of moist vanilla cake and frosting, covered by a mound of rich frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Another great gourmet cupcake served here is the Queen of Hearts strawberry shortcake cup. This cup includes layers of yellow cake, strawberry puree, and strawberry frosting. It is topped off with fondant flowers and even a fondant playing card! These are also great for kids since they are not messy treats to enjoy while walking around the parks. The Cheshire Café does not accept Disney dining plans.

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3. ‘Ohana Bread Pudding

One dessert I will never ever get tired of is the bread pudding offered at ‘Ohana, a family style restaurant located at Disney’s Polynesian resort. This bread pudding is beyond decadent and it is covered in bananas foster sauce, topped with fresh vanilla ice cream, and drizzled in caramel syrup. This is one of the heavier and popular desserts on the Walt Disney property, and it’s no wonder guests continue to return time and time again to devour this tasty treat. What is so great about this dessert is that it is included in the family style buffet price, so there is no need to pay extra for dessert after your meal. ‘Ohana accepts some Disney dining plans. Reservations are highly recommended since this is one of the restaurants that tend to fill up quickly.

2. Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream

Remember those old-fashioned soda fountain shops from back in the day? Well, they still exist at Walt Disney World! Beaches and Cream, located at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort, is the perfect place to hang ten and catch some good eating at an Atlantic boardwalk style ice cream shop. Not only are the entrees and shakes to die for, but their kitchen sink is among one of the favorite desserts of Disney guests. A large Mickey Mouse themed sink is filled with five ice cream flavors and topped off with every (yes, every) topping offered at this restaurant! This ice cream serves four people so it is perfect for sharing! If you’re looking for a great sweet treat, you have got to check out the kitchen sink! Beaches and Cream accepts some Disney dining plans. Reservations are can be made in advance, but I have never had a problem walking right in.

1. Traditional Mickey Premium Bar

There is no better way to share the magic than with a traditional Mickey bar. Did you know that there are over 3.3 million of these babies sold in a year at the parks? Their creamy vanilla ice cream centers covered with a hard chocolate candy shell are irresistible and a fantastic way to travel with a treat around the park. These ice cream bars are so popular, there are even souvenirs like magnets, ornaments, hats, Vinylmations, tote bags, trading pins, shirts, and even air fresheners! If you’re looking for a quick yet delicious treat for a low price, you won’t go wrong with a Mickey premium bar! Mickey Premium bars can be used as a snack credit on the Disney dining plan. There are carts with these treats in all four theme parks.

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