10 Nasty Guest Behaviors We All Hate Seeing At Disney

10 Nasty Guest Behaviors
10 Nasty Guest Behaviors

While Disney World can be the happiest place on Earth, it is inevitable that there will be moments where we question guest’s behaviors, which will turn our smiles upside down. While some of these topics may be controversial, here are ten nasty behaviors that all guests hate being a witness to at Disney.

10. Stroller Hitting

One of the most painful feelings is having a stroller crash into your ankles as you walk around the park. Don’t get me wrong, it can be highly stressful to manage a day in the park with your kids. Maneuvering the stroller while figuring out where you’re going while your little ones are asking for things and/or carrying food is a task in itself. Even though this is challenging, people really need to be cognizant of the people close to the strollers so that they do not get hit with them.

9. Littering

I cringe whenever I see guests toss their trash on the floors of the theme parks. There is really no need to do this, especially because there is a trashcan on practically every corner of every walkway. When Walt Disney was creating Disneyland, he measured the distance from which it took him to eat a hot dog and knew that is the amount of space that should be between every trash can so that guests have no need to scramble looking for a trash can. This was also done in an effort to keep the parks clean. Guests also sit on the floor of the parks during the parades, so littering would make this a much less enjoyable experience. Hold on to your trash until you reach the nearest trashcan!

8. Adults Throwing Temper Tantrums

I see this time and time again. Sometimes adults have high expectations and once they are not met, they can lose control. One of the more common temper tantrums I notice is the height requirement on the rides. Parents are so excited for their child to ride a certain attraction and when they are denied because their kid isn’t tall enough, chaos occurs. The parents are yelling at cast members and the child begins to cry. If parents would explain to their children that they can ride that attraction next time, and then tell them they are going to go to another great ride that they are eligible to ride, the children wouldn’t get as upset. Cast members are required to deny the right to ride for those that do not meet the height requirement for safety reasons. Better safe than sorry, but unfortunately, some people do not realize that. Temper tantrums occur in adults all the time, but we must remember that we are in a public place and the adults set the example for their children and family. It is important to reflect on this behavior for the sake of others.

7. Parade Blockers

Watching a Disney World parade can be quite magical, until someone very tall gets in your way and you can’t see a thing. I understand that it can be very stressful finding a great spot to enjoy the parade without having to move from side to side to get a great view, but people need to be respectful of others especially those with small children and disabilities. I often see parties reserve a spot up to two hours before the parade starts and then others get in their way. It is important to understand that everyone wants to see the parade, but it is rude to stand in front of others that have been waiting a while. I do agree with allowing your child to stand in front of you so that they have a better view, but there is no need to block others view if you weren’t already there first.

6. Angry Guests with Cast Members

While cast members strive to provide excellent customer service to all of Disney’s guests, it can be extremely uncomfortable and disappointing to see guests yelling at cast members who are simply following protocol. As a guest, I understand the frustration that can sometimes occur during a trip. Whether it is a problem with a FastPass, dining reservation, or resort accommodation, it can be a downer on your plans if the problem isn’t resolved. No matter what though, screaming and becoming rude is not going to solve the problem. Guests need to speak their frustrations out and have self-control while doing so. Remember the saying; treat others as you would like to be treated.

5. Skipping the Line

Lets face it, there isn’t a single Disney trip where you don’t bite the bullet and wait in line for one of your favorite attractions for a while. Lines can be one of the most frustrating parts of your entire Disney vacation, so having other guests skip the line can be aggravating. I have witnessed groups of over 7-9 people skipping lines and reserving spaces. If you don’t have a FastPass, just wait the line just like everyone else. No need to cause a commotion by skipping.

4. Chanting Tour Groups

This is a common complain especially amongst Disney related social media groups. There are often tour groups taking place throughout the parks, and sometimes the members of the groups can get a little out of control. Screaming and chanting starts with one person and ends with multiple people which can really ruin your wait in line or your overall day. Sometimes these chants and screams can last several minutes and do not stop which can make it very annoying for guests to go about their day. Remember that you are in a public place and while you may be excited and proud, there are others who are trying to enjoy their vacation too.

3. Dining Etiquette

I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to find a table at a quick service restaurant and had to either walk away or find another area to sit at because there is trash or remains of food from the previous party that was sitting there. Guests need to really pick up after themselves and lightly wipe their area clean when they are done eating. This will make it much easier for others to find a spot to enjoy their meal without having to clean it or get their clothes dirty. It is not polite to leave your mess for others to clean up.

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2. Bad Parenting

OK, don’t get mad at me just yet. Parenting doesn’t come with a manual and while I understand that disciplining your kids can be challenging, there are some parents that really let loose when visiting Disney. For example, last time I was in line at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, there were three children behind me with two mothers. The children were screaming at the top of their lungs, stepping on other guests’ feet, and running around. The two ladies that were with them were to wrapped up in their own conversation and didn’t say a word to the kids. Everyone around them was agitated and bothered by the fact that these children weren’t being told to stop their rude behavior. It wasn’t until a gentleman in front of me complained, and the cast members split them up so that we wouldn’t have to be near them any longer. I understand that misbehaved children can be a challenge, but there is no reason to ignore their rude behavior and not attempt to fix it.

1. Being Intoxicated

Being intoxicated while at the parks can be a damper on your family as well as other park guests. It can be enjoyable to have an alcoholic beverage, but sometimes it can get out of hand. It can also set a bad example for the children that are around. Limit your alcoholic beverage consumption if you know it is something you cannot handle well.

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