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10 Nasty Guest Behaviors We All Hate Seeing At Disney

10 Nasty Guest Behaviors

While Disney World can be the happiest place on Earth, it is inevitable that there will be moments where we question guest’s behaviors, which will turn our smiles upside down. While some of these topics may be controversial, here are ten nasty behaviors that all guests hate being a witness to at Disney. 10. Stroller Hitting One of the most ...

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Annoying Things People Do at Walt Disney World

12 Annoying Things People Do At Disney

As the world’s largest tourist destination, it is no surprise that sometimes people visiting Walt Disney World can get away with some annoying behaviors. Thankfully, it is often not difficult to ignore the annoying things that others do, however we still wish they wouldn’t do them anyway. Here are 12 of the most annoying things people can do at Walt ...

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