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Guest Behavior Reaches New Low In Latest Report

disney guest bad behavior

Reports of Guest behavior have hit a new low, with this former Cast Member detailing how a Guest assaulted them during their time at the Parks. Fans worldwide flock to the Disney Parks to get their fill of the Disney magic. Whichever Theme Park you choose, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure, the Walt ...

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American Disney Guests Have “Lots To Learn” From Their International Counterparts

disney guests behavior

Disney Guests seem to have hit their limit with the behavior of fellow Guests at the Disney Parks, with some particularly calling out American Guests. The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are some of the best places in the world for a Disney vacation. In fact, any Disney Park, whether it’s a Theme Park like Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom ...

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OpEd: Disney Is Glorifying Bad Behavior by Idealizing and Vindicating Villains

Disney Villains cover

Once upon a time, a Disney Villain was a villain—a bad guy—pure evil. And the Walt Disney Company was known for producing very morally sound works in film and entertainment that drove home the idea of good triumphing over evil. This was (and largely still is) often demonstrated by a pure-hearted hero or heroine conquering a relentlessly wicked fiend in ...

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‘Line Jumpers’ Enrage Disney Guests Again

disney line queue line jumping

The discontent among Disney Fanatics only seems to be rising as Guests in Disney Parks and Disney Resorts worldwide express disappointment in their Disney experiences and overall customer experience — particularly when it comes to negative customer experiences involving the misbehavior of other Guests who are seeking some Disney magic. One particular problem faced by Disney Guests has just reared ...

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Grown Adult Carried Out of Disney Park on Refusing to Leave

disneyland guest bad behavior

Another day, another instance of bad behavior from a Disney Guest, who was carried out by security and police when he refused to leave of his own accord. Any Walt Disney World Resort Theme Park — Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom — and Disneyland Resort Disney Park— Disney California Adventure Park and Disneyland Park — ...

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Disney Princess Shares Story of Sexual Assault

disney princess sexual assault

A Disney Princess recently shared a story about certain repeated instances of sexual assault she’d encountered while at a Disney Park. While the Disney Parks—both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort—are often the sites of fairytales, but sometimes real life at the Park can be harsh. Disney has been finding itself at the center of controversy after controversy as ...

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Disney Park Guests Frustrated at Fellow Guests Lack of Decorum

queue jumping disney park

Disney Park Guests have been in the news much more off late for bad behavior. The latest? Queue jumping in a Disney Park. Any Disney Resort no matter where in the world is known to be a place filled with magic. Guests flock to many a Theme Park to live out some of their wildest and even most unconventional dreams. ...

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Disney Guests Share Woes About Disruptive Behavior

disney guest bad behavior

The “Most Magical Place on Earth” was made just a little less magical for some Guests due to fellow Park visitors being disruptive. It is no secret that the Disney Parks are one of the best places in the world for a Disney vacation. But recently, that experience has been seemingly more and more disrupted by the bad behavior from ...

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Guests Held Up at Disney World Due To Physical Altercation

disney guests disney world

In more news of bad behavior, two Disney Guests had an altercation, engaging in a wrestling match at the exit to an iconic attraction. The Walt Disney World Resort is known to be the dream spot for that magical Disney vacation. People of all ages worldwide have been flocking to the Central Florida Theme Park for over 50 years. Whether ...

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