10 Places to Find the Best Meals at Walt Disney World Resort

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We all know that there’s plenty to love about Walt Disney World. The rides, the shows, the hotels—but what about the food? When it comes to delicious dining, Disney is in a league of its own. There are luxury meals, traditional American-style comfort foods, and there are even foods that are served in the signature Mickey Mouse shape! Read on for ten of Disney’s best places to eat!


1.  ‘Ohana

Ohana's Skewers

If you’re in the mood for some exotic cuisine and a lively, comfortable atmosphere, then pay this café a visit in the Polynesian resort! Ohana’s got a small menu, but it’s one that’s packed with flavor. Since pork is a specialty in Polynesian cuisine, give the pork dumplings a try—and for dessert, you absolutely won’t want to miss out on the bread pudding a la mode!

2. Three Bridges Bar & Grill

Three Bridges

I can personally attest to the beauty of Coronado Spring Resort’s large lake (Lago Dorado), and now you can admire the lake while enjoying a fried shrimp corn dog! A gorgeous setting, a glass of sangria, and delightfully savory options ranging from corn dogs to a burger with aioli—it doesn’t get better than that!

3. Takumi-Tei

Photo credit Disney

Do you fancy yourself a foodie? If so, this new, luxurious, and creatively-designed Epcot restaurant might be the place for you! All of this establishment’s dining rooms are inspired by one of the elements—a unique idea that will have you admiring the décor before your food arrives. And when your food does arrive? Roasted duck, sake, yuzu cheesecake, and maki sushi will all quickly make your mind focus on more immediate, delicious things. If you want a particularly fancy experience—which is saying something, since this restaurant is already an upscale one that highly recommends reservations—then book the Chef’s Table in the Water Room. You’ll get nine courses in a three-hour meal!


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4. Jaleo

You may not be in Spain—but you can certainly get the next best thing at this authentic restaurant in Disney Springs! Jaleo features delicious paella, wonderful cured meats, and more. The menu is full of unique offerings, ranging from fried bacon-wrapped dates in apple-mustard sauce to salmon tartare. And yes, there is a kid’s menu if you’ve got any picky little ones in your group!

5. 50’s Prime Time Café

Prime Time Cafe

Have you ever tried peanut butter and jelly—in a milkshake? Have you ever been chastised by a waitress for putting your elbows on the table? Brace yourself, because both of those experiences can be found at this gloriously authentic 1950’s-era café! Waitresses expect you to have good manners at this establishment—but don’t worry, it’s all in good fun, and the entire café has a lighthearted atmosphere. The only thing lighter than the atmosphere, in fact, might be the crispy breading on Aunt Liz’s Golden Fried Chicken.

6. Boma – Flavors of Africa


One of the greatest things about Disney World is the virtual travel that it offers its guests. Just like Jaleo and Takumi-Tei, the restaurant “Boma” allows you to feel transported to another continent! The continent, in this case, is Africa–and, since Disney doesn’t do anything halfway, Boma lets you taste foods from not one but fifty African countries! The restaurant also features an onstage kitchen, and as any restaurant patron knows, watching your meal be prepared makes it even more fun to eat it.

7. Chefs de France

Out of all the countries that are famous for good food, France is perhaps the most recognized—and in this Epcot-based French restaurant, that reputation does not disappoint! With authentic cheese boards, duck confit, escargot, and sorbets and cream puffs for dessert, you’re bound to leave this restaurant full, happy, and (quite possibly) in the mood to start sporting a beret.

8. Sanaa


Disney’s international offerings continue with Sanaa, a restaurant in Kidani Village in the Animal Kingdom Resort Area. This restaurant combines African food with Indian flavors! Visitors will particularly enjoy the Indian-style bread service, the braised oxtail, and the African animals roaming right outside the window!

9. Rose & Crown Dining Room

Rose and Crown

Are you in search of some dining options that are a little closer to home, but still ‘across the pond’? Look no further than this British pub in Epcot! Shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, bangers and mash…and let’s not forget Scotch eggs! If you’re still not full after dining here, stick around for some toffee pudding and listen to live entertainment. Don’t forget to sing along!

10. Coral Reef Restaurant

Coral Reef Restaurant
Photo credit Disney

If you went to Sanaa and enjoyed watching the live animals rambling outside as you ate, then why not visit some watery friends too? Check out this lovely restaurant in Epcot’s Future World for some beautiful aquatic entertainment, and for some lobster bisque that will knock your socks off!
Disney is chock-full of wonderful places to eat, but these ten are all particularly unique, so make some reservations and prepare to taste your way through Walt Disney World!

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