10 Reasons Why Disney's Sci-Fi Dine In Restaurant Is A Fan Favorite

Sci-fi Dine In Theater

3. The Detail

Disney has an eye for detail and the theater is no exception. Each car has its own unique design, color and license plates. Even the ice cubes here are phosphorescent! Every possible element is created to ensure guest satisfaction. The movie clips, newsreels, and cartoons perfectly fit together effortlessly as if they’re being presented to audiences for the very first time.

2. Mood Lighting

The lighting does a great job of setting the tone. It’s not too dark here, but just dark enough to make guests feel as if they’re actually sitting in their car under the night sky. The screen illuminates throughout the drive-in, yet doesn’t overpower everything in its path. The cars are also dimly lit. The subtle lighting makes the colors pop, especially the marquees.

1. Wall Art

Before taking a seat, don’t forget to check out the sci-fi inspired memorabilia. You’ll be able to spot a handful of neat movie posters lining the walls as you make your way inside. The restaurant is nestled inside a building that looks like an old Hollywood soundstage. There are several little gems waiting to be discovered even before you step foot inside the theater!

The overall feel and ambience of this theater is unlike anywhere else. Along with good food and service, you’ll have an experience to remember for a lifetime. This is the closest you’ll get to experience a 1950’s drive-in and you don’t need a time machine to do so!

By Amanda

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