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10 Reasons You Should Relocate To Orlando and Work At Walt Disney World

We’ve all been there; there are (good or bad) days when many of us close our eyes and envision ourselves putting in our two-week notice, relocating to Orlando, and working for the mouse himself. There is nothing more magical than working at Walt Disney World, and while there are a plethora of reasons to change your career, here are 10 reasons you should relocate to Orlando and work at Walt Disney World.

10. Cast Member Perks

There are several jobs that have great perks, but Disney has some of the best perks around! Cast members can enjoy a slew of benefits for working for the mouse. Some of these benefits include weekly pay, flexible schedules (at times), healthcare, retirement plans, great discounts on resorts, dining, and merchandise at Disney properties around the world, discounts on Disney cruises, on-site child care, free admission to the parks, access to Mickey’s Retreat, and much more. Some other great perks include learning centers and programs for educational opportunities and getting to work with community volunteering with the Disney VoluntEARS program.

9. No State Income Tax

No one likes having to dish out more money from our paychecks to pay Uncle Sam, so who wants to pay an additional tax anyways? Luckily, the state of Florida doesn’t have a state income tax, so you have more money in your account to spend on things you need (or more things you want).

8. Beautiful Weather

Just think, no more shoveling snow, heavy winter clothing, driving on ice, and all of the other inconveniences of winter. Florida is known for its hot and beautiful weather all year long. When it isn’t hot and summery, Florida winters are short and chilly (without the hassle of the snow) and springtime is rainy but full of flowers in bloom. Flip-flops and shorts are pretty common almost all year long, so you can be sure to smile under the Florida sunshine all the time. Perfect place for Olaf too, don’t you think?

7. Magic Everyday

Disney Parks aren’t known as the happiest places on earth for no reason. You are surrounded by magic each and every day that you are on the property. Surely everyone has their bad days at work, but being surrounded by happy faces and friends makes it easier to genuinely be happy each and everyday that you are at work. Being able to request a new position after a certain period of time also allows cast members to experience magic in all of the areas of casting. Whether having a positive experience with a guest or realizing a dream, Disney World has the capability to change your outlook on life!

6. Beaches

Florida Beaches are only 45 minutes to an hour away no matter where you live in the sunshine state. Heading to the beach is a common activity amongst us Floridians because there is always plenty to do on the coasts. Catching waves and rays is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors and being that it is usually hot most of the year, you can enjoy hanging ten often!

5. Orlando Perks

Living in a big city has its perks, and besides meeting new people, there is always a lot to do! Orlando offers tons of tourist attractions (besides Disney) that can be checked out. There are also a plethora of restaurants, schools, people, and places to see and enjoy. Orlando is also central to many other popular cities in Florida, which allows you to take a short drive to enjoy what the Sunshine State has to offer.

4. Meeting People

All Disney parks are like a hub for meeting culturally diverse people. There are so many employees from all around the world and being able to work with them will not only allow you to meet new friends, it may enable you to have some life changing relationships. With a myriad of departments to work in, you’re bound to make new friends in a heartbeat.

3. Family Perks

Cast members have some really great perks for their families. Experiencing the park through their eyes is a whole ‘nother level of happiness and magic. Families can enjoy discounted ticket and resort accommodations, as well as access to Mickey’s Retreat (with cast member). There are also dining discounts that the cast member can use during your dining experience. This is a great way to help bring your family and friends to your ‘home’ on a budget!

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2. Off Days

While days off are a great way to stay home or get errands done, there are so many cast members that spend their off days at the parks. After all, you do get in for free! Being able to be a guest instead of a cast member can also be a great way to explore other areas of the parks that you aren’t used to spending time in due to your assignment or shift. It’s also a great way to enjoy some time with friends or family on the other side of the spectrum. Leisure while knowing the ins and outs of the company make for a great way to relax and enjoy everything the parks have to offer all year long.

1. Spreading Magic

There are so many cast members that strive to make guests happy and create memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. Doing this makes their hearts so warm and full of noting but magic. It feels so great to give to others, and being able to do that on a daily basis to several guests is right at your fingertips as a Disney employee. Not only will you make families very happy, you will have a smile on your face in return.

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