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10 Things at Walt Disney World You MUST Do in Your Lifetime Despite the Cost

Most Disney Guests travel on a budget because lets face it, it can be so easy to splurge at the happiest place on earth. There are sometimes where we all say, “I wish I was able to experience that” instead of actually participating in it due to costs. Sometimes, we do have a little wiggle room in our wallets to do stuff we don’t normally get to do, so whether you do it all at once or spread it out on your trips, here are ten things at Disney you must do in your lifetime despite the cost.

10. Stay At A Deluxe Resort

There is a reason why they are called deluxe resorts. Luxury (along with a plethora of other words) comes to mind when I step foot in any Disney deluxe resort. Theming, dining, appearance, location, stunning views, and overall quality are the reasons these resorts are super expensive and may not be your ‘go to’ on each of your visits, but if you do get to experience staying at one of these resorts, you will experience true Disney magic.

9. Backstage Tour

There is nothing like a behind the scenes look at seeing how the magic of Disney comes together. Backstage tours are costly because not only are you required to pay for the tour itself, you’re required to purchase your ticket the park as well. While this may be extremely costly, it truly is a once in a lifetime experience and it will be one of those events that you will never forget.

8. Dine Like A Pro

Dining at Disney has become another experience just as important as visiting the theme parks alone. Disney offers themed and unique dining that can be incredibly memorable and will put a smile on your face. From character dining to interactive dining shows and even signature dining with a firework show, there are a myriad of choices to choose from when dining on Disney property. The downside to these fantastic restaurants is that they can be extremely costly and will definitely break budgets (especially when traveling with large parties). If you can experience these one of a kind restaurants on a few of your visits, it will be well worth it! Whether you’re looking for a character dining experience for the little ones, or want to have a romantic night out with your significant other, you can find a restaurant that will match your needs at the Walt Disney World resort.

7. Get Married

This may only happen once in your lifetime, but having a Disney wedding is definitely an experience that will never be forgotten. Disney weddings are right in the heart of Walt Disney World, so you can be certain that they will infuse romance with a little Disney magic while sharing your special moment with family and friends. If you can indulge in this extraordinary experience, it will be well worth it!

6. VIP Tour

Who wouldn’t love to be guided around the park by a cast member and taken to the very front of every ride? VIP tours aren’t only for celebrities. If you have a whopping $400-$600 per person, it is definitely a comfortable and relaxing experience. You are pretty much guaranteed to enjoy everything in the park with no wait time, have access to excellent seating arrangements at shows, and parades, ride your favorites over and over again, meet Disney characters without waiting, and customize your entire day. As a full time elementary school teacher, I have never been able to experience this, however, I have spoken to several guests that have, and they absolutely loved it. Hopefully one day, we will all be able to experience this luxury!

5. Live at Golden Oak

Who wouldn’t want to live right in the middle of the magic? Did you know that Disney World actually has a gated community right across the Magic Kingdom? Golden Oak is a stunning concierge-style residence community that has luxurious old Florida architecture homes that start at a whopping $2 million dollars. There are six different neighborhoods within the community and each one has its special Disney touches with beautiful golden statues of beloved Disney characters. Not only are the houses beautiful, but being a home owner here definitely has its perks. Enjoy Disney inspired holiday décor, park tours, in-home dinners and parties, home maintenance services, and Disney parks and special event tickets. For now, I’ll dream about living here, but hopefully, some of us will be able to enjoy living at the happiest place on earth.

4. Get a Premium Annual Pass

Having an annual pass feels like having a ticket to heaven. Annual pass holders are fortunate enough to visit the parks frequently, which means that they get to spend more time in the magic. If you’re able to indulge in this, having an annual pass has its perks! Discounts include 30 percent off resorts, 10 percent off dining and merchandise, discounts and advanced registration for special events, and much more. If you can get your hands on an annual pass, it will be well worth it!

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3. Indulge in Disney Souvenirs

We all walk into the beautiful souvenir shops at the Walt Disney World Resort and there is always something that makes our jaws drop. Disney World souvenirs are not only unique, but they offer merchandise with many beloved Disney characters. Whether you’re looking for toys, apparel, jewelry, phone cases, signature handbags, housewares, or holiday décor, Disney has it. Some of the merchandise is very costly, which doesn’t allow is to leave with everything we may want, but hopefully, you can check some of your most wanted items off of your wish list on your next few visits!

2. Experience the ‘Extra’ Magic

There are a plethora of added activities at the Walt Disney World resort that cost extra in addition to your daily park ticket. These events may be costly, but they are well worth experiencing at least once. Some of these magical experiences include hard ticket events such as Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, runDisney events, and awesome makeover opportunities like having your little turn into a princess at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or a pirate or mermaid at the Pirate’s League. These are great ways to experience more magic and fun on your next vacation!

1. Become a Disney Vacation Club Member

So maybe living on Disney Property is a far fetch from reality (for most people anyways), but becoming a Disney Vacation Club member is the next best thing! Being able to be part of this fantastic membership allows you to own a piece of the magic and stay at some of the most beautiful resorts on property. You are also not locked into a specific resort, time of year, length of stay or type of accommodations. It is a great way to experience the parks and accommodate your family at a luxurious deluxe resort.

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