10 Things Nobody Told Me About A Disney World Vacation

Rainy Disney

5. Humidity & Rain

Florida is known for its sunny weather, but what many non-Floridians may not know is that the weather here is unpredictable each and every day.  One minute the skies are clear and the air is crisp, and the next minute, there is a thunderstorm ripping apart your surroundings only to be whisked away an hour later by the beautiful weather again.  These patterns are pretty typical so it’s important for you to be well prepared.  Ponchos are $10 each at the parks so bringing your own is a good idea.  The humidity is also awful here, so you’ll want to make sure you dress in breathable fabric, bring your hat and sunglasses, and stay hydrated!  Keeping cool and dry should be your priority when it comes to Florida weather.

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