10 Things We Hate Seeing People Do At Magic Kingdom


We all visit the Walt Disney World Resort for one reason; to have fun! Disney allows us to forget about the real world and escape to a place where families bond and live through pure magic. There are some unfortunate times where guests can turn our smiles upside down with the things that they do. Here are ten things we hate seeing people do at Magic Kingdom.

10. Complain

No one likes to hear anyone complain. There is nothing enlightening about it. Hearing another guest complain while you’re trying to enjoy your vacation can put a damper on your happiness. There are of course times where a complaint has to be made, which is completely understandable. I’m referring to those complaints that are way above an inside voice level and has everyone’s eyes and ears on the problem. Remember to keep your complaint personal and not cause a scene. Not only does it make other guests feel uncomfortable, but your own party may feel uncomfortable too.

9. Littering

There are garbage cans all over (literally) the park. Why throw garbage on the floor when chances are you have a trashcan in front of you? No one likes to see litter on the floor. Keep in mind that there are many guests that sit on the floors of the park for the parades. Lets keep the world (pun intended) a cleaner place to enjoy!

8. Place Children on Shoulders During Parades

We all want to snag a great spot for the parades and shows. Some of us even reserve our spots over an hour in advanced to ensure we get a great view. The worst situation with this has to be someone placing their child on their shoulders to block your view. Not only is your view now obstructed, but if something happens, the child could fall and have a serious injury. Cast members have been very great about informing guests of this rule, but it can be really annoying for those that have patiently waited the entire time.

7. Not Give Up Their Seat on the Bus

We all have achy feet by the end of our visit to the parks, so many of us look forward to sitting on the Disney bus on the returning trip to our resort. Often times, these busses have reached capacity quickly, making many guests have to stand for the ride. As tired as I may be, I always make sure to offer my seat to the elderly or those women with children because I know how challenging it can be for them to stand the whole way. Even though this isn’t a rule or requirement, it can be difficult to see a guest struggling while others are seated comfortably. This is a tricky scenario because there are many people that look healthy, but may need to stay seated on the bus. For this reason, it is important not to be so quick to judge, but most of the times, it can be frustrating to see some guests not be compassionate for others.

6. Skip Lines

We all know waiting lines is inevitable at Disney World. This can be very frustrating when planning out your day, but it isn’t avoidable. There is nothing like watching guests skip the line to advance to the ride after you’ve been patiently waiting for a long time. I have seen plenty of arguments start with guests that skip lines, and they don’t end pretty. No one likes to witness this, so if you’re even thinking about it, have the courtesy to wait the line like everyone else.

5. Not Following The Rules

Speaking of not waiting the lines, not following the rules can be a huge issue for cast members and guests. For example, during parades, cast members keep certain areas blocked off for guests who just want to walk through without stopping to watch. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to have people stop in front of you when they are being told constantly to keep moving. It slows the flow of traffic and makes it a tedious task to get to your destination. Another example is with ride safety. There is a reason why you should keep your arms and hands inside the vehicles of any ride. Having disorderly conduct when riding, like sticking out a body part, can cause a delay if there is an emergency situation (which there have been several times). The rides will most likely be evacuated and cause a delay for all other park goers. These are just two examples of how not following the rules can be a pain!

4. Treating Cast Members Unfairly

Cast members are also part of the magic at the happiest place on earth. They strive to do their best in providing excellent customer service and adding magic to your stay. Often times, cast members are treated poorly when a guest doesn’t have things go their way. Cast members are people too. They don’t make the rules, and they really do try to keep smiles on your face. If you don’t receive an animal towel in your room every night, or didn’t get a little extra magic (like a fastpass for example), there is no need to have an attitude and treat them poorly. You would be surprised at how they are yelled at sometimes for miniscule things. This can be tough to watch as an onlooker when you begin to feel bad for the cast member.

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3. Arguing with your Family

While most families and friends are jolly the majority of their vacation, there are times where situations between adults or children escalate and cause friction amongst each other. There is nothing more awkward than being in the middle of an argument or watching a child get spanked and cry their eyes out in public by their parents. This is a touchy subject because some parents may believe in discipline no matter where they are, but keep in mind that the scene being caused can be viewed differently by on-lookers. As for adult arguments, guests should try to keep these issues privately too. Making a scene can also spark curiosity from others and could end up badly if a complaint is made.

2. Physical Aggression

No one likes to see fighting no matter where they are. Believe it or not, there have been plenty of fights at the Walt Disney World theme parks and resorts. Not only can these physical alterations injure surrounding guests, they can have you removed from the parks. It also sets a horrible example for children and usually involves profanity (which no one cares for either).

1. Excessive PDA

I am all for expressing how you feel about your significant other. It is nice to be loved and feel loved. There are, however, appropriate times for making out and putting your hands all over each other, and a theme park full of little kids is not the place to do so. Some people can get a little too hot and heavy making it very awkward for other guests and children.

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