10 Things We Love About Frozen Ever After at Epcot

Frozen Ever After

10. The Transformation of the Drops in the Ride.

One of the most amazing parts of the renovation of Maelstrom to Frozen Ever After was the transformation of the drops inside the ride. Maelstrom was a favorite of my family for years largely because of the fun forward and backward drops in the ride. The drops in the ride that were often frightening for young children were my immediate thought when the renovation was announced. Amazingly, the drops have been transformed into gentle, steady backward and forward surges that propel guests through the ride to the tempo of the music.

9. The Incorporation of the Snow Monster.

The appearance of Elsa’s scariest creation, the snow monster at the end of the ride adds for a fun and thrilling surprise ending. Just when I thought this character had been excluded from the ride he quite literally popped up in front of our boat.

8. The Expressive Faces of the Characters.

The expressive, bright and lifelike faces of the characters in the ride are amazing. The creation of new rides at Walt Disney World have much more technologically advanced animatronic equipment than classic rides.

7. Incorporating Another Kid Friendly Ride to Epcot.

The incorporation of this very kid friendly ride to Epcot and World Showcase is a step in the right direction to please Disney movie and Disney princess fans that visit Epcot.

6. The Music Track in the Ride.

Everyone knows that the incredible film soundtrack for Frozen was one of the largest factors that made it stick with Disney fans. Fans of the music from Frozen will love this ride because the majority of it features Elsa belting out the Disney favorite Let It Go.

5. Linking a Disney Story to a Learning Experience.

When Frozen Ever After was added to the Norwegian Pavilion at Epcot a great learning opportunity was created for kids that love Frozen. What better way to get children excited about learning more about Norwegian culture than riding Frozen Ever After and then taking the time to speak with cast members, ask questions about the country, taste native food, shop and admire the architecture inspired by Norway?

4. The Sensory Experience.

Frozen Ever After is a bright, dazzling ride experience that transports you into the story. Swirling snowstorm scenes from the film are projected all around you as the music from the film plays through some of the most popular songs from the film. Children and adults alike are dazzled by this ride.

3. Exploring Arrendelle in the Ride Queue.

Interesting ride queues are my weakness at Walt Disney World. The Frozen Ever After ride queue does not disappoint. Guests waiting in line walk through the streets of Arrendelle, and Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post. There is plenty to see while you wait in line for this ride. Even better, Disney took care to ensure the entire ride line is air conditioned. The only exception for this is of course in the event that the line stretches out past the ride entrance into the Norwegian pavilion.

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2. The Ride Motivates More Guests to Visit Epcot.

We are all guilty of playing it safe and visiting parks and attractions we know and love. I love that the placement of this storybook ride at Epcot introduces guests that may not have ordinarily visited Epcot right in the edge of World Showcase at Epcot. Guests that purchase Epcot tickets to visit Frozen Ever After will likely have a great time exploring other attractions in the park as well.

1. Well Timed Renovation.

There were certainly some mixed feelings on the part of Disney veterans on the renovation of this ride. Maelstrom was personally one of my favorite rides at Walt Disney World and I was sad to see it go. However, I believe the renovation of the space was well timed and Frozen Ever After was a great attraction fit for the space. The renovation has increased interest in World Showcase and the Norwegian pavilion so I believe it was a success.

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