12 Things You’ll Never Want to Do at Walt Disney World

Cinderella's Castle

Walt Disney World is one of the most popular family-friendly theme parks in this country, and while it is a theme park like no other, there are a few things you want to stay away from or not participate in—improper activities, inappropriate attire, bad behavior, etc. Help make your Disney vacation even more magical by showing consideration and respect for other guests and cast members. So, don’t do the following:

1. Bring a Selfie Stick — If you try to enter any Disney theme park with a selfie stick, you won’t make it past the bag check. They have been banned from all Disney parks, and you will have to return it to your car, bus, or Resort.

2. Engage in Bad Behavior — A Disney vacation is one of the best family vacation destinations, but sometimes tempers may flare due to the heat, large crowds, mal-functioning attractions or rides, etc. Every once in a while a guest may take out their frustration on another guest or Cast Member. This is not a good situation, and if an argument ensues and gets out of hand, Security will be called, and it be very well be the end of your day at Walt Disney World.

3. Dress Inappropriately — Walt Disney World actually enforces a dress code for guests. The rule states that proper attire, including shirts and shoes, must be worn at all times. Furthermore, Disney has the right to remove any person wearing attire that they deem inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other guests. In other words, use common sense and dress sensibly. Disney Parks are not the place to try out that new low cut top or high cut micro shorts. Adults are not permitted to dress as Disney characters; the exception being the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

4. Litter — Walt Disney World cast members do their best to keep all four parks clean and safe for every guest. With the crowds that visit Disney parks, this becomes a monumental task, so it is important that guests do their part and make sure their trash goes in a trash can, not on the streets or sidewalks. At Disney parks trash cash are never more than 30 feet from wherever you are sitting or standing, so walk those few feet and deposit your trash where it belongs.

5. Bring Your Pet — The only animals allowed in Disney Parks are service animals. Your beloved pet will have to stay home or at Walt Disney World they have excellent accommodations for dogs and cats. Best Friends Pet Care has luxurious rooms for your 4-legged friends, including one-on-one playtime, bedtime stories for those overnight stays, special snacks, and lots of outdoor activities. Your lovable furry family members may like this home away from home so much, they want to stay a while longer.

6. Show Off on a Ride or Attraction — There have been some incidents at Walt Disney World that have resulted in guests being banned from returning. Activities such as making lewd gestures or women raising their shirts on rides or attractions, mostly for the attraction photos, could very well get them banned from a Disney Park for life. Standing on a ride or putting your hands in the water are safety issues and although these actions may not get you banned from a Disney Park, they are certainly activities which will be addressed immediately by a PA announcement stressing that everyone should remain seated and keep their hands and arms inside the ride vehicle at all times. Every ride is monitored from beginning to end, so any improper behavior will not go unnoticed. Injuries have occurred by careless acts, so be smart and pay attention to the rules associated with each ride or attraction.

7. Fly a Drone Over Disney Property — Believe it or not, drones have been flying over Walt Disney World, which is not a good idea, because in 2003 Congress established a “no-fly” zone over a portion of the Magic Kingdom, parts of Epcot, and several nearby hotels. If a Disney employee sees a drone, they are to report it to Security, who will then notify the FAA. The FAA has several options dealing with the drone operator, which includes a verbal warning, a warning letter, or legal enforcement action. In addition, these consumer drones could malfunction and fall out of the sky onto an unsuspecting guest or cast member, or even worse, interfere with the operation of a ride or attraction.

8. Take Flash Pictures Inside a Ride — All of the inside, dark rides, attractions, and stage shows are proceeded by an announcement concerning the fact that no flash photography is allowed. This restriction is put in place so that guests who are enjoying the ride or attraction will not be distracted by a flash of light, illuminating all the background mechanics of the ride. Imagination and fantasy are wonderful qualities and don’t need a flash of reality to hinder the mood and entertainment of the attraction. There are cameras which are equipped with night vision options and are capable of filming without disrupting the experience.

9. Run — Running is discouraged at Disney Parks, except for Disney sanctioned marathons. With fast pass reservations, there is really no need to rush. Walt Disney World is a place where the past, present, and future stand still for your enjoyment. The best way to enjoy this wonderful, magical world is to take your time and savor all the sights, sounds, and smells of every Park you visit. Also, on very crowded days, running can become a hazard, which should be avoided. Bottom line—stop running!

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10. Bring Glass Containers Into the Parks — If you have any sort of glass container in your bag, you will be asked to remove it, take it back to your car or Resort, or throw it away at the bag check area. There are no exceptions to this rule. This is to insure every guest will be not subject to cuts due to broken glass. This is a safety issue and should not be ignored.

11. Make a Speech — There have been several occasions when certain groups have descended on a Disney Park and attempted to state their cause by shouting chants and having one person make a speech about a certain issue they this is important to the general public. Walt Disney World is not the place to create a scene like this, and these demonstrators will be escorted from the Park. Freedom of Speech is an inherent right in this country, but there is an appropriate time and place, and Walt Disney World is not the place.

12. Forget Who Started It All — One very important thing to always remember is that Disney Parks, Cruise Lines, movies, books, music, Broadway plays, luxurious Resorts, etc. began as a dream and an idea. Walter Elias Disney and a mouse named Mickey collaborated to create one of the most successful companies in history. Walt envisioned a special place where families could enjoy rides and attractions alongside their children; a magical place where the past, present, and future converge in one fantasy world and dreams really can come true.

So, there you have it; twelve things you never want to do at Walt Disney World. Most people would have no problem in avoiding any of these twelve no-no’s. All that is required of anyone who enters a Disney theme park is that they have a wonderful, memorable experience without inconveniencing or disrespecting other guests or cast members.

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