12 WDW Attractions that Every Big Kid Will Love

Monsters Ince Laugh Floor

Walt Disney World can seem pretty overwhelming for families with big kids who fall somewhere between the ages of 7-12. There are so many awesome things to see and do that are geared toward this age range that it’s hard for them to pick and choose what they want to do! These are just some attractions that are sure to be a big hit with every big kid:

12.) Kilimanjaro Safaris in Animal Kingdom

This attraction is great for kids who have a love for animals. While traveling in an open-air vehicle, the big kid in your family will get to see animals in their habitats like Lions, Hippos, and Flamingos. This ride is incredibly fun for everyone involved, and is a definite must for Big Kids.

11.) Country Bear Jamboree in Magic Kingdom

This classic attraction is full of country music, silly jokes, and audio-animatronic bears. Kids love this light-hearted show full of humor and heart, and is a decisive hit amongst the big kid age group. The best part is that the adults get to sit in an air-conditioned auditorium and get some rest while their kids are entertained!

10.) The Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios

The ride is so much fun for everyone involved. Mixing audio-animatronics with live action characters, this ride takes you through the highlights of Old Hollywood, making it a great experience for any kid to see and be part of. One of the most-loved parts of this ride is the fight that happens in the Old Wild West portion of the ride; kids think it’s hilarious and exciting to be in the middle of all the action!

9.) The Mountains in Magic Kingdom

In the Magic Kingdom, there are three big mountains that increase in intensity in the following order: Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain. All three of these rides are sure to please Big Kids for different reasons: Big Thunder is fast, fun, and takes you through intricate twists and turns. Splash Mountain is full of music, singing creatures, and a 50 foot drop down a waterfall. Space Mountain, the most intense of all the mountains, is a huge indoor rollercoaster that takes place entirely in the dark with only the lights of stars. All of the mountains are sure to be a big hit among the Big Kid age range!

8.) Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom

This spooky supernatural themed ride is full of awesome experiences that your big kid will love. As they ride with you in the doom buggy through this grand mansion full of 999 ghosts, they’ll be clutching to your sleeve with their entire focus being on the sights and sounds inside the mansion. While this ride is totally harmless and the ghosts are entirely friendly, it may frighten some younger children, so be sure to discuss with your kids exactly what this ride is before you go on it.

7.) Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom

This fast-paced water ride is perfect for bigger kids who love thrills. As you float down this river, the still waters quickly become fast rapids that you and your group travel on, before there is a 20 ft drop that you plummet down. This water ride will get you soaked, so be sure that you and your big kid are prepared for that!

6.) Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom

This ride is so full of tongue-in-cheek humor and audio-animatronic animals that any kid is sure to love it. As you take a trip around the rivers in Africa, Asia, and South America, your Skipper will keep your big kid entertained with his or her silly jokes about the new areas they come across. This ride is one of the best ones to take a big kid on because they are sure to be entertained.

5.) Test Track in Epcot

If your kid has a “need for speed”, then they will absolutely love Test Track. This ride lets you customize your ride experience while testing out some new vehicles through a test drive in a “simulation car”. This ride is perfect for big kids on the cusp of their preteen years; but don’t worry, they’ll still need to hold your hand the first time around.

4.) Pirates of the Caribbean in Magic Kingdom

One of the biggest and longest running hits amongst Big Kids is Pirates of the Caribbean. This water ride is full of scurvy Pirates, excellent ambiance, and a really interesting plotline. Kids will love looking out of their boat to see all the awesome pirate adventures going on around them. Even the wait is fun for kids, especially when you tell them to look for the two pirate skeletons playing chess!

3.) Star Tours in Hollywood Studios

One of the biggest hits for Big Kids in the parks right now is Star Tours. With the new movie and all the transformations the park is going through, Star Tours is a ride that cannot be missed. Taking a ride throughout the Star Wars galaxy and battling either Boba Fett or Darth Vader is something that every kid will want to do right now, which makes this the perfect ride for them.

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2.) Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor in Magic Kingdom

This attraction will make big kids do one of the rarest things they do: laugh. This interactive show will have their sides aching with laughter as they sit in the audience and watch the silly antics of Mike Wazowski and the rest of the Monsters Inc. gang. This is an attraction that big kids cannot miss, and the best part about it is that the adults get to sit back and rest during the show.

1.) Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios

This ride is the absolute cannot-miss attraction for Big Kids in Walt Disney World. This 4-D ride allows kids to interact with their favorite characters from Toy Story in their own little adventure through Andy’s room. This attraction consists of carnival style games and an excellent ride amongst toys. This game is great for all ages, especially because it’s Toy Story. This is an attraction that your Big Kid absolutely cannot miss!

Whether your Big Kid is just barely a big kid or they’re almost a preteen, these are all rides that they will absolutely love. As always, make sure you check wait times and make fastpasses because some of these rides are incredibly popular, and you could be stuck in a long line waiting for them!

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