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13 Inscrutable Requirements to Be A Princess In Disney World Resort


8. Miscellaneous Requirements:

A great place to look for more information about being a Disney princess is Jennifer Oakes’ YouTube channel. She performed as Jasmine and Pocahontas and she has some wonderful videos about how to do your character make-up and what the work day is like as a princess. She has three videos called Confessions of Former Disney Princesses, and they are very informative and worth watching!

9. Work Contracts:

Disney offers full time roles, which must be at least one full year of service. They do offer part-time and seasonal roles for face characters as well. You can also be a character if you are in the Disney College Program, though you might not get the best shifts because DCP participants are the lowest on the totem pole.


10. Weather:

Cinderella, Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa are usually are stationed inside at the Magic Kingdom but most other princesses in the MK and other parks are outside. You have to be able to handle the extreme heat in the Orlando summer as well as the chilly winter weather that does happen around Christmas.

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