13 Inscrutable Requirements to Be A Princess In Disney World Resort

Rapunzel in a parade

11. Improv skills:

You need to know everything about your character and ready to answer any questions thrown your way. If a child asks Rapunzel where Pascal is, she needs to have an answer ready to go.

12. Smiling:

Be ready to smile while you are “on set” as they say. You have to keep that smile because princesses are never sad or upset. A former Belle interviewed by Cosmo said her face hurt the first couple weeks from her constant smiling.

Belle and Gaston

13. Uncomfortable Guest Situations:

Princesses get the wonderful job of making dreams come true for children, however you also will have guests situations that make you uncomfortable. Former princesses have discussed having to fend off creepy men or guests who have been inappropriate to them. It can be awkward and scary but princesses have to find away to control the situation while keeping the guests happy.

It’s not easy to be a princess, but in the end it’s worth it to bring joy to thousands every day.

By Jessica

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