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13 Sensational Experiences You Must Have At The Magic Kingdom

It’s hard to pick a favorite Disney park, but if you ever find yourself needing a favorite, keep in mind that the Magic Kingdom has ”magic” in its name for a reason. This magic can also seem overwhelming, so as you’re approaching the park, take a big breath and keep this list in mind! Here are twelve attractions that will help you leave the Magic Kingdom with a sense of accomplishment–and, of course, magic.

13) Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. This attraction is a great one for children, but it definitely should not be cast aside if you’re an adult or a teenager either! Featuring birds from several Disney movies, a colorful tropical setting, and a catchy theme song. this show is a wonderful way to pause during your Disney days.

12) Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel. Every Disney vacation can be improved by taking a few breaks during the trip, but if you’re not one for napping, then there are plenty of ways to sneak a rest on rides and during attractions. This gorgeous carousel allows you to rest your feet while still viewing the park and people around you–and letting you plan your next foray into Fantasyland!

11) Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. As a truly classic Disney attraction, this relaxing and entertaining show explores technology’s progress through the lives of one quaint family. Prepare for a show that is pleasant, relaxing, and comes with both comfortable seats and an indoor setting!

10) Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. With spins that you can control yourself, colorful targets, and friendly rivalry with your companions, the Space Ranger Spin is a delightfully whimsical way to escape the sun and get off your feet for a while. Feel free to go on again and again!

9) Space Mountain. This ride might not technically be a roller coaster, but the excitement of a roller coaster is there just the same. With Space Mountain, Disney gives its visitors the opportunity to actually imagine themselves in space, using an exhilarating rocket launch to do so. Who knows? The next time you’re outside at night, the memory of this ride might cause you to appreciate the stars a bit more.

8) Monster’s, Inc. Laugh Floor. This attraction is not a ride, so you might be tempted to skip it, but the Laugh Floor can actually be a surprisingly fun experience! Get ready for some serious laughter–and some great memories on the side!

7) Jungle Cruise. Rides that provide thrills are always, well, thrilling, but there is something special about a ride that provides both excitement and charm. Stop by this Jungle Cruise for a fantastic trip through a vibrant jungle, complemented by the occasional “danger” and more than a few jokes from the boat’s captain! If you can, you should also return to experience this cruise at night for a particularly thrilling experience.

6) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. As one of the Magic Kingdom’s big roller coasters, this ride is certainly a must, and its location in Frontierland makes it all the better. Hold on tight–and keep an eye out for bats!

5) Pirates of the Caribbean. This ride has been enhanced over the years to include characters from the hit film series, but anyone can enjoy this attraction, even if you don’t know Captain Jack Sparrow! This ride has a fairly slow pace, but cannon-fire keeps it exciting. Add a little room in your schedule for shopping; the store might make you want to stay for a while!

4) Parades. Walt Disney World features many signature events, and its parades are definitely some of them. Like the Animal Kingdom parades, the Magic Kingdom’s parades are each unique, energetic, and of course, fun! Whether you’re enjoying the new Festival of Fantasy Parade or the breathtaking Main Street Electrical Parade, you’re bound to have a good time. What’s more, since the Electrical Parade is at night, you might even be able to see both parades–and in Disney’s case, two is almost always better than one!

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3) The Wishes Nighttime Spectacular. There are few better ways to slow down and really appreciate your vacation than a fireworks show in front of a castle–especially when that show features Disney characters and Disney wishes! Grab a snack before this closing show starts and leave your schedule open so that you can enjoy the entire experience; whether you’re on Main Street or right in front of the castle, this show really is ‘spectacular’. (Try to stay at–or at least visit–a resort across the Seven Seas Lagoon too, so you can also see the fireworks and lights from a distance!)

2) Cinderella’s Castle. You don’t necessarily need to eat breakfast here, but you should certainly at least find the time to enter the castle and look around. When else does the average Disney-goer get to experience a castle, especially a castle that is almost as recognizable as Mickey Mouse? Take a close look at the gorgeously portrayed story of Cinderella on the inner walls, too.

1) Splash Mountain. There are more than enough fantastic rides to please everyone at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, but special attention should be paid when a ride or attraction is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser (especially if you’re traveling with people of all ages). This ride gives you animatronics, music, detailed scenery, and the thrilling drop of a roller coaster all in one!

The most important part of your Disney vacation is enjoying yourself. If you don’t happen to get everything done on this list, don’t worry! As long as you’ve had fun and made some great memories, you’ve gotten the Disney magic. Who cares if you go on Splash Mountain six times? Do what you want to do in the Magic Kingdom, when you want to do it, and your vacation will be just as magical as you had hoped.

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