15 Things Disney Fans Will Love at SeaWorld Park

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Many die-hard Disney fans are hesitant to visit other theme parks. After all, how could any of them possibly measure up to what Disney has to offer? That said, while we actually agree that Disney is the best for the best, there is something to be said for checking out some of the other amazing parks in the Orlando area.

Seaworld, for instance, has quite a lot to offer guests. From incredible rides to super cool dining experiences, there’s a lot to love about this ocean-themed wonderland. 

Disney fans planning a visit to Seaworld may wonder what they should see and do while there. If you are one of these curious individuals, check out the list we’ve compiled below. Photo Credit Sea World

1: Wild Arctic Ride

This super cool helicopter simulation ride takes guests on an adventure through the beautiful arctic. It’s the perfect attraction for fans of such rides as Star Tours and Soarin’ Around the World, and has the added benefit of placing guests in the polar bear exhibit at the end of the ride, making the experience an even more immersive one.

SeaWorld Antarctica Empire of the Penguins
Photo Credit: SeaWorld

2: Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins

Small children and fans of dark rides will appreciate this slow-moving and relaxed Antarctica-themed attraction. Riders are treated to a colorful light show, adorable video clips, and such immersive aspects as a lowered temperature and live penguins at the end of the experience.

Journey to Atlantis
Photo Credit: SeaWorld

3: Journey to Atlantis

This is another ride that incorporates the classic dark ride style. However, Journey to Atlantis is much more intense both in theming and in ride type.

The attraction begins by taking guests through a creepy cave-like environment as they make their way to the lost city. After the dark ride experience, the car plunges into the water in log flume fashion and even zips guests along a track like a mini roller coaster.

All in all, this is a pretty innovative ride, making it right up any Disney lover’s alley.

SeaWorld Kraken
Photo Credit: SeaWorld

4: Kraken Unleashed

Okay, so this is a super high thrill ride that will likely only appeal to those who enjoy rides such as Rockin’ Roller Coaster. That said, with the addition of the virtual reality aspect of this ride, it has become one of the most innovative coasters we’ve seen, and we all know how Walt Disney loved innovation.

SeaWorld Happy Harbor
Photo Credit: SeaWorld

5: Happy Harbor

One of the biggest differences between Disney World and Seaworld is the fact that Disney caters to all ages—with a focus on family—while Seaworld tends to stick to rides for the teens and adults. Fortunately, Seaworld does have some rides for the younger crowd. These can be found in Happy Harbor, a fun little corner that little kids will love and parents will definitely appreciate.

SeaWorld Elmo Rocks
Photo Credit: SeaWorld

6: Elmo Rocks

Another small, child-oriented part of the park is the “Elmo Rocks” show. It’s pretty much a given that young Disney fans enjoy good entertainment, and if they like Sesame Street as well, this show is sure to be a win.

SeaWorld Dolphin Days
Photo Credit: SeaWorld

7: Dolphin Days

If you’re looking for more family-oriented entertainment, Dolphin Days might be just what you’re looking for. This super cool animal show features dolphins, birds, and other creatures. It’s fun enough to hold the interest of preschoolers, while being engaging and educational for adults and older children.

SeaWorld One Ocean
Photo Credit: SeaWorld

8: One Ocean

“One Ocean” is another amazing animal show at Seaworld. This one is focused on orcas (also known as killer whales) and even features Shamu of Free Willy fame. The performance includes fountains, lights, video, and music, and is certainly awe-inspiring. 

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SeaWorld Seamore and Clyde
Photo Credit: SeaWorld

9: Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High

On the sillier side of things, Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High is an upbeat sea lion, walrus, and otter show filled with tons of tricks and slapstick comedy. Not only will you be seriously impressed with the skills of these animals, you’ll also be laughing out loud at their ridiculous antics.

SeaWorld Shamu
Photo Credit: SeaWorld

10: Dine with Shamu

For many, specialty dining is an important part of any Disney visit. Fortunately, Seaworld offers their own form of these delicious experiences. Dine with Shamu is their signature dining experience and features a tasty buffet, tables right next to the park’s killer whales, and even an educational aspect.

SeaWorld sharks underwater grill dining
Photo Credit: SeaWorld

11: Sharks Underwater Grill

Another super cool specialty dining option is Sharks Underwater Grill. This eatery allows guests to dine while watching the sharks swim nearby, merely feet from their faces. The restaurant is rather similar to Coral Reef Restaurant in Epcot and is equally as delicious, making it a great choice for fans of the Epcot aquarium eatery.

Seven Seas Food Festival
Photo Credit: SeaWorld

12: Seven Seas Food Festival

Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival is a much anticipated event for a great number of Disney goers. If you are one of the many who look forward to this event each year, you’ll be thrilled to learn about Seaworld’s Seven Seas Food Festival. This festival takes place on weekends from mid-February to late April and features great seafood, amazing music, and lots of fun.

SeaWorld Christmas
Photo Credit: SeaWorld

13: Seaworld Christmas Celebration 

Another well loved Seaworld event is their annual Christmas celebration. This event begins in the middle of November and takes place on select days through the end of the year. The party features special meet-and-greets, tasty foods, and even special Christmas performances. It’s an awesome way to celebrate the season!

Photo Credit: SeaWorld

14: Animal Exhibits

If you or your children enjoy the amazing aquariums in Epcot’s “The Seas with Nemo & Friends” building and the super cool animal exhibits found throughout Animal Kingdom, you will love the awesome animals found at Seaworld. Be sure to make time to see the birds, marine mammals, fish, and other ocean creatures found at this zoo-like park.

SeaWorld Beluga
Photo Credit: SeaWorld

15: Tours

Finally, we must mention the Seaworld tours. Disney World has its fair share of awesome tour experiences, and we highly recommend taking advantage of these whenever possible. That said, we feel the animal tours at Seaworld are just as interesting, educational, and immersive. They are the perfect option for any Disney fan looking to step outside the Disney box and experience something new yet still special. 

What do you think? Will you be adding Seaworld to your Orlando vacation this year?

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