15 Things Disney Insiders Always Do at Magic Kingdom

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What better way to prepare for a visit to the happiest place on earth than to get some tips from Disney pros? What is the checklist that Disney insiders like to follow at The Magic Kingdom? Take a glance at this list to understand what tips fit your family and will enhance your magical vacation.

15. Arrive Early.

Magic Kingdom insiders know that early arrival to the park means cooler temperatures and shorter attraction lines. Disney insiders have a difficult time passing up the opportunity to hop on their favorite rides with minimal wait time.

14. Stay Late.

True, it may be difficult to come early and stay late in the same park day. Even though Disney insiders may not always do both on the same day, many do suggest taking advantage of the cooler temperatures, shorter attraction lines, and incredible evening entertainment in The Magic Kingdom.

13. Know What Attractions to Skip.

The Magic Kingdom is a fantastic park with a lot of attractions to see. Disney insiders know which attractions will not fit their travel group, schedule, or attraction wish list and choose to skip them or save those attractions for another vacation in the future. The answer to the question which attractions should be skipped, vary from family to family. Research before your vacation will help you determine rides that may be too scary, rough or lackluster for your travel group to enjoy.

12. Plan Meals.

Disney insiders are all about making the most of their time in The Magic Kingdom. This generally means that savvy travel groups have already discussed dining plans for the day. Disney insiders do not waste time at the hostesses stand because they already have meal reservations. Meals have also likely been planned around fast passes to avoid the time wasting “who is hungry and what should we eat” discussions that slow down park productivity.

11. Make Use of Fast Passes.

Fast passes are your ticket to the front of the attraction line. Such a fun time saver is never wasted by Disney insiders. Disney insiders, secured fast passes for their top attractions as soon as their past pass window opened up. They will only be booking fast passes in the park if they have utilized all their fast passes for the day and are selecting more between attractions.

10. Have a Park Plan.

You will hardly ever see a Disney insider arguing over vacation logistics with travel party members in the park. Disney insiders know that a park plan that has been agreed on by the group prior to the park day, is the ticket to a fun vacation!

9. Play in Line.

You heard me correctly, Disney insiders know that getting there really is half the fun. Playing in interactive ride queues keeps guests entertained and excited during their ride wait times.

8. See Everyone’s Favorite Attractions.

Sure, you may not be able to cover enough ground to see every Magic Kingdom attraction in a day. However, planning, communication, and careful fast pass selection can ensure most of your group see their favorite attractions during the park day.

7. Dash to High Traffic Rides at Rope Drop.

Arriving at the park for rope drop will allow you the time to dash right over to a high traffic ride at the start of the day to cover ground without the need for a fast pass. In fact, for the first half hour or so after rope drop, you may notice lighter crowds in lines. Boarding Space Mountain or Peter Pan within five or ten minutes of entering the line instead of waiting more than an hour for the attraction later in the day is a great idea.

6. Break from the Heat on a Cool and Lengthy Ride.

Disney insiders know which rides, and ride queues provide a break from the heat during midday. Standing in line inside Pirates of the Caribbean ride queue is a cool way to spend time during the afternoon at The Magic Kingdom. Guests looking to get out of the sun for an extended amount of time while still enjoying an attraction can hop on the Liberty Belle Riverboat or The Magic Kingdom Railroad to enjoy a breeze and shaded area during the ride.

5. Watch the Parade from Frontierland.

Disney insiders know that there is no reason to cram between families on Main Street U.S.A. to watch the parade. There are viewing areas that are a bit more spacious toward Frontierland. Viewing the parade in a location other than Main Street U.S.A. enables your family to arrive to snag a spot a bit later, and enjoy the parade without being as cramped.

4. Or Skip the Parade.

Disney insiders know that as incredible as Disney parades are, you should not be afraid to prioritize attractions over the parade if your gang decides that is the best plan. Some guests feel that attraction wait lines taper off a bit during peak parade times in the park thus, enabling you to see more by skipping the parade. If you plan on pursuing rides instead of the parade, check the parade route on a park map at the start of the day to ensure you can walk to your preferred ride and will not have your way blocked by the parade.

3. Watch the Projection from Main Street Train Platform.

Disney insiders know that Celebrate the Magic projection is a gorgeous nighttime display that is not to be missed if you are still in the park. Watching this spectacular show from the Main Street Railroad train platform is an incredible experience. Sure, there are only a few benches and a bit of standing room on the platform so snagging a standing spot is difficult. I would still advise Disney insiders in the making, to try to view Celebrate the Magic from the train platform at least once during a Magic Kingdom visit.

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2. Search for Hidden Details.

One of the perks of seeing Disney attractions numerous times, is that you start seeing details you never noticed before. Disney insiders love to search for hidden details or things they have never noticed in their favorite rides.

1. Reminisce on Magic Kingdom Family Memories.

Disney insiders have often come from a line of Disney fans. My family of Disney insiders love spending times in the attraction wait lines, over meals, and on Disney transportation reminiscing on Disney memories from previous Walt Disney World vacations. The happiest place on earth is even more magical when you share it with those you love.

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