20 Most Romantic Things To Do At Walt Disney World Resort

Disney and romance go together like Tink and her pixie dust, like Mary Poppins and her manners, like Cinderella and her glass slipper (or Prince Charming, for that matter). You can’t think of Disney and not be reminded of the beautiful love stories that weave their way into most every Disney animated classic, setting our hearts aflutter and making us swoon. It’s no wonder then that Disney World—as one of the most magical places on earth—is also one of the most romantic. If you need a little help in the romance department and are in search of some ideas for the perfect romantic Disney World activity, this list is written for you! Let’s take a look at 20 most romantic things to do at Disney World.

20. Share a Spaghetti and Meatball Dinner at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in Magic Kingdom

Nothing says ‘romance’ like slurping on the same string of spaghetti a la Lady and the Tramp. Lucky for us starry-eyed couples, Tony’s restaurant—the same one modeled after the quaint Italian bistro in the animated classic—is located in Magic Kingdom. The perfect romantic tone is set with dim lighting, cozy ambiance and delicious Italian food—all the makings for a prime setting for that first kiss (just like Lady and the Tramp had “here”) or thousandth kiss.

19. Share a Hammock and Watch the Fireworks

Hammocks encourage cuddling, do they not? If you are sharing a hammock with someone it’s kind of impossible NOT to cuddle, so they work well for couples in love. At Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, there are a scattering of hammocks on the beach. Claim one early enough and you’ll have a perfect place to enjoy the Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks show, which takes place just across the Seven Seas Lagoon.

18. Propose! Already married? Propose again!

Yep, I was proposed to at Disney World. And let me just say, it doesn’t get any more romantic than that. (Unless you honeymoon there, which, coincidentally, I also did). Proposals happen daily at Disney—at the various parks, at the resorts, in front of the castle, on the monorail, anywhere and everywhere you can imagine. It really leaves a magical memory to cherish, especially if you are a Disney fanatic like I am and would probably marry Mickey Mouse himself if you had the chance. There are so many creative ways to propose here—they even offer proposal packages if you are in need of outside assistance. What if you are already married? There are no rules against proposing again, and no, you don’t need to follow it up with a second wedding or slide another diamond ring on their finger. You can propose to CONTINUE to love your spouse or propose to take your spouse to Disney more often (a great proposal, if I do say so myself). Heck, you can propose to buy them a Mickey Mouse waffle for breakfast the next morning. There is just something potently romantic about getting down on one knee, staring up into the eyes of your loved one, and declaring your undying love for them.

17. Watch a Disney Classic Under the Stars at the Disney Resorts

Pull out a chair or stretch out on a blanket, snuggle under the vast expanse of twinkling stars, and watch a timeless Disney classic. Each night at the Disney resorts (weather permitting) you will have the opportunity to watch a Disney movie on an outdoor movie screen after the sun has tucked itself away beneath the earth. You don’t even have to be a guest of the resort to enjoy this activity and it doesn’t cost you an admittance fee. Most resorts offer comfortable seating—whether beach chairs if on the sand or blankets if on a grassy courtyard. It’s a lovely way to unwind after a long, tiring day, especially if you are cozying up with a loved one. Grab a couple of sweet treats at the resort’s quick-service restaurant and make a date of it! Hand holding, though optional, is highly recommended!

16. Rent a Double Kayak and Explore the Seven Seas Lagoon or Bay Lake

Many lakeside Disney Resorts offer boat rentals, whether canoes or kayaks or personal watercraft, and can be taken out on the lakes for an hour or two of scenic exploration. The Seven Seas Lagoon, the body of water that sits just outside of the Magic Kingdom, and Bay Lake, the lake just outside Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and Disney’s Contemporary Resort, are two of my favorite locations to spend an afternoon on the water. There is so much to see and experience out on these lakes and is a wonderful date option for the outdoor adventurists!

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15. Enlist a Disney Photographer to Capture a Kiss in Front of Cinderella Castle

Capturing a couple locking lips or engaging in a loving embrace can be a powerful image, indeed. Capturing this image with Cinderella Castle as the backdrop? Epically romantic. It’s a simple activity, one that will take just seconds out of your park day, but if you happen to be in Magic Kingdom with your better half, stop and take a moment to participate in this classic experience. Dip your loved one in a dance on Main Street, cradle them in a loving embrace, or simply steal a peck on their cheek as the PhotoPass photographer snaps away —it’s an image that you will cherish for a lifetime!

14. Arrange a Surprise Package for the Hotel Room

If you are ever so lucky to be able to spend the night at a Disney Resort with your loved one, arrange for a surprise gift to be waiting for them as you both return to your room. You can drop off the gift (a basket of sweet treats, a stuffed animal, a souvenir, a bouquet of flowers, etc.) to the concierge desk and they will be happy to leave it on your bed for you, or you can enlist the assistance of Disney to arrange this gift for you (visit for more information). These pre-arranged gifts are always a pleasant surprise for the recipient, and guarantee delighted, ear-to-ear grins (and likely squeals of joy).

13. Spend an Afternoon or Evening at a Disney Resort

Truthfully, every resort on Disney property has an element of romance to it. Each location has its fair share of activities and things to experience, especially around the holidays. Why not take an hour or two to explore these incredibly themed, impeccably groomed resorts? Grab a coffee, or sit down at a restaurant while you’re there. Chances are, you will find yourself pulled into the magic and enchantment of each resort and never want to leave.

12. Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

There are two Disney Resorts that offer this incredibly romantic activity where you can take a charming journey around scenic landscapes via a horse-drawn carriage—Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds as well as Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort. The clip-clopping jaunt lasts approximately a half hour, just enough time to tuck yourself close to your loved one and let your troubles drift away.

11. Wine Tasting around the “World”

Drinking around Epcot’s World Showcase is an appealing activity for those who are eager to sample some of the world’s finest beers and wines in one setting. Among the 11 represented countries you’ll find locations where wine can be sampled and enjoyed at your own pace alongside small plates of food. This activity is perfect for the romantic couple as they stroll hand-in-hand through the scenic World Showcase, sipping sweet spirits as they go and becoming immersed in the lovely atmosphere.

10. Get Tickets to Experience Cirque du Soleil

Marvel together at the extraordinary feats of the talented La Nouba performers at Downtown Disney’s Cirque du Soleil—it’s the perfect date night activity! It’s an immersive, breathtaking show that lasts approximately an hour and a half in length and typically offers two showings per evening/night. After the show is over, stroll the magnificent, lively streets of Downtown Disney—there are endless experiences to have here!

9. Dance the Night Away at Boardwalk’s Atlantic Dance Hall

This lively nightclub located on the charming boardwalk at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn opens its doors nightly at 9p.m. There is a small cover fee to enter, and you must be 21 years of age or older to boogie on down within these walls. It’s a fun spot to grab a drink or two, listen to popular music spanning the course of several decades, and dance the night away. The best part? The DJ takes requests here, so you can show off your perfected Dirty Dancing movie lift scene for all to see.

8. Get a Couple’s Massage

The various spas located at several Disney Resorts invite you to come, relax, and leave rejuvenated. Getting a spa treatment with your loved one is a fantastic bonding experience and will have you drifting to LaLa-Land together as all of your worries and cares are worked out of your system by these licensed professionals. Various spas on Disney World Resort property like the Mandara Spa at the Disney’s Dolphin Hotel and the Senses Spa located at both the Grand Floridian Resort and Saratoga Springs Resort include a couple’s massage on their extensive menu.

7. Sink into a Disney Resort Hot Tub Together

Easing into an intoxicatingly hot and bubbling Jacuzzi is a relaxing option offered at most Disney Resorts. At the end of a long park day, why not slip into your suits and sit under the stars while soaking in the hot tub with your loved one? You can typically locate them outside near the main pool area. And though you can’t drink while in the hot tub, there is usually a nearby outdoor bar offering the perfect opportunity for a fun, icy beverage (alcoholic or not) to balance out the heat.

6. Visit the Boardwalk Bakery

Because I was proposed to at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, I may be slightly partial to this resort, but for good reason. As the sun sets this Boardwalk becomes a place of entertainment and energy while charming strands of lights twinkle above you and glorious smells pull at you from the many restaurants and outdoor food stands found here. The simple act of strolling along these wooden planks hand-in-hand with your loved one immediately becomes a romantic activity as the magic practically crackles in the air around you. Entertainers perform throughout the evening and surrey bikes whiz by. Freshly popped popcorn and cotton candy wafts past your nose. Lively music pulses through the air. Time it just right and you’ll catch some of Epcot’s nightly fireworks show, too. It’s a wondrous place at night. Head over to the Boardwalk Bakery with your loved one, grab a sweet treat and/or coffee, and become immersed in the Disney magic found here.

5. Take a Fireworks Cruise Together

This option is a little pricey—kind of a “go big or go home” date night idea—but it is well worth the memories it leaves you with. During these enchanting evening cruises, you can reserve your own private boat and view the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular at Magic Kingdom or Epcot’s Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. There are basic and premium packages available for both, so visit the Walt Disney World website for pricing.

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4. Have a Romantic Dinner at a Signature Disney Restaurant

Fine dining restaurants are a dime a dozen at Disney, giving the romantic couple plenty of options and themes to choose from. Let your server know if you are celebrating a special occasion, and they will gladly ensure that you get pampered with some extra Disney magic (perhaps a yummy dessert on the house). You’ll find signature restaurants at every deluxe Disney resort as well as the theme parks themselves. Get dressed up and treat yourselves to delicious dinner in an ambient setting and savor the romantic memories you’ll undoubtedly leave with.

3. Private Dining with Butler

At Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa you can arrange to have a private dinner at one of several locations. This dinner comes with a specially tailored menu and your own private butler. My brother orchestrated this special meal as a surprise for his now-wife the night he proposed and was incredibly impressed with how well the Cast Members worked with him ahead of time, perfecting the evening and catering to his special requests. He chose to have this intimate meal outside on an upper-level terrace of the resort, facing the pristine courtyard and Seven Seas Lagoon. The dinner can get quite costly, but it is incredibly romantic and will no doubt leave a lasting impression on you and your date. Contact Disney’s Private Dining line for more information and pricing.

2. Enlist the Assistance of a Disney Cast Member

There really is no better way to make a magical memory at Disney than to rope in the assistance of a Cast Member. No matter where you find yourself, whether at the resorts or the parks, you can locate someone who will no doubt go out of their way to help seal a memory for you both, showering your loved one with the attention they deserve. Cast Members are trained to envelop guests in pixie-dusted magic (sometimes literally) and can be quite creative when it comes to making guests feel singled-out and special. Need an example? Request that the Dapper Dans serenade your loved one with a special tune they love or let the Jungle Cruise skipper know just how much your better half LOVES to be embarrassed. If you want your trip to be extra special, let the Cast Members around you know it, and you will no doubt be impressed with the ways they help you out.

1. Let Yourself Become Enveloped in the Magic

It’s quite simple, really. Disney is brimming with magic and romance and one only needs to slow down or take a step back and experience it. There is no special formula to decode, no cryptic cosmic solution to decipher to ensure that you and your loved one finds romance at Disney. It’s there, trust us. And it’s ripe for the picking. Just sit back and feel it in the air.

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