25 Disney Selfies You Must Take When You Go To The Parks
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With around 100 million selfies taken every day, there’s no doubt we are a selfie society. And with some people documenting every waking moment of every day – including moments when they are doing nothing at all – the truth is that the vast majority of selfies aren’t worth the time it requires to take them. Throw in an interesting background or an interesting subject with which to share your selfie however, and it becomes a quick and easy way to document some of the best moments of your life. For Disney fanatics, spending time at the Disney Resort undoubtedly accounts for some of the best moments of their lives and are worthy of preserving. Even the casual Disney fan would have to admit that there are a lot of sights and moments at Disney World that are iconic and deserve a quick selfie. Here are 25 Disney selfies that you must take:

1. In Front of the Sign Where You Parked

Okay, so we’re starting off a little bit on the practical side with a photo that doesn’t truly have to be a selfie. But taking a picture of the parking lot sign to remember where you parked will save you a lot of trouble at the end of the day. And including yourself in the shot makes this selfie not only practical, but memorable!

2. The Ride Around/Over the Seven Seas Lagoon

Whether you’re a fan of the monorail or the ferry boats, getting a shot of you and your group as you make your way to the park is the perfect way to kick off a day at Magic Kingdom.

3. In Front of Cinderella’s Castle

Become your own royal photographer and make everyone on your friend list jealous by taking a selfie in front of Cinderella Castle and posting it online for all to see.

4. With Your Favorite Character

We highly recommend including the Memory Maker package with any Disney World vacation plans and making use of the Disney PhotoPass photographers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also get up close and personal with your favorite character for a great selfie!

5. With Your Favorite Cast Member

Cast Members are not only known for creating magical moments for their guests, but they are quite often the unsung heroes of our vacations when things don’t go well. Not only is a selfie with our favorite Cast Members a great way to remember who it was that saved the day, but if you make sure to get their nametag in the shot you’ll be able to follow up with a guest service fanatic card or an email to WDW Guest Communications to heap your praise upon them.

6. Posing with Gaston

He might not be your favorite character now, but I guarantee he’ll be in your top three once you take the time to get a selfie with Gaston. As many online videos can verify, no character hams it up in front of a camera (or mirror!) as much as Gaston!

7. In Front of Spaceship Earth

A shot in front of Spaceship Earth is the most iconic selfie you can get at Epcot. Your only challenge is figuring out how to get a geodesic sphere towering 18 stories high completely in frame!

8. Wearing Mickey/Minnie Ears

If you want to tell the whole world that you’re enjoying your dream vacation in one picture, nothing works better than a selfie of you with a smile on your face and Mickey or Minnie ears on your head!

9. In the Gift Shops

How do you know exactly what that hat will look while you’re wearing it unless you try it on and take a quick selfie? Oh, and when in doubt, buy both!

10. Selfie of a Selfie

With all these selfies being taken, you’ve got no excuse for not getting a selfie of yourself with someone from your group taking a selfie in the background! Bonus points for capturing multiple selfies being taken in your selfie.

11. Character Photobomb

This one’s a little tougher to get, but the parades are a good time to try and it makes for a great memento! Put your back to the action, hold up your phone, and wait for a character or two to notice and jump into the shot.

12. In Front of Fire-Breathing Steampunk Dragon

While we’re on the subject of parades, one of the coolest floats that Disney has created for any of its parades is the fire-breathing steampunk Maleficent dragon in the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade in Magic Kingdom. Grab a selfie with the dragon behind you, but be sure to time it just right so you get the blast of fire breath in your shot!

13. In Front of a “Pardon Our Pixie Dust” Sign

With all of the additions, upgrades, and improvements that Disney World is making, you might as well get a selfie with one of the construction signs they post around the area. What better way is there to say, “I planned my vacation too early!” than a photo of an unopened area?

14. Hitchhiking in Front of the Haunted Mansion

Just stick your thumb out, smile, and grab a selfie of yourself in front of the home of 999 happy haunts. Let’s face it, you’ve got at least one or two friends who would love to “lag behind” in the Haunted Mansion, and they would prefer to see this shot over your selfie in front of the castle anyway.

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15. In Front of the Tree of Life

The iconic shot in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is of course the Tree of Life that serves as its centerpiece. Like Epcot’s massive Spaceship Earth, you’ll have the opportunity to get this shot from many places inside the park, so no need to block traffic the moment it comes into view.

16. Eating Mickey Mouse-shaped Food

You’ll have several options for this one, whether it’s a Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzel, a Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar, or a Mickey krispie treat.

17. Eating Something New

With approximately 300 dining locations at Disney World, you’ve got no excuse for not trying something new. Get a shot of the plate before you take a bite, and then get a selfie as you take your first bite. Time it just right and the expression on your face can serve as an instant review of the food item.

18. With Your Favorite Hidden Mickey

Maybe it’s one you found on your own or maybe it’s one you read about. However you discovered it, getting a selfie with your favorite hidden Mickey shows everyone how clever you were to spot it!

19. On a Ride or Attraction

It should be noted that this one should only take place if it can be done without disturbing the other guests around you, particularly by using a flash on a dark ride. Be sure to hold on tight to that phone when taking a selfie on a ride, and you may want to put it in a plastic zipper bag if you try this on a water ride! Also, before and after ride selfies make for good storytelling later!

20. In Line

Since you’re not getting anywhere fast, you might as well get a shot of you and your party lined up in anticipation. Good things come to those who wait… and pose.

21. On Kilimanjaro Safaris

One ride that specifically stands out as a good one to get a selfie on is Kilimanjaro Safaris. If you’ve got good timing and a little luck, your shot may also include a nearby giraffe, gazelle, elephant, or some other wild animal. (Your child doesn’t count!)

22. Fish Face with Ariel

A selfie with any of the princesses makes for a good photo, but a selfie with Ariel comes with its own excuse to make a big fish face! And Ariel often joins in on the fun!

23. With a Villain

This one can be a little tougher to get since villains are a small minority of the available character meet and greets at the Disney Resort. But like the aforementioned Gaston, they can be found. Remember… you’re not bad for wanting this selfie, you’re just drawn that way.

24. On The Observation Deck at the Contemporary Resort

A selfie from the 4th floor observation deck at the Contemporary Resort is nice, but if you can swing a dining reservation at California Grill, the 15th floor observation deck gives you the opportunity to take a selfie that includes a spectacular view from well above the Magic Kingdom.

25. At the End of Your Disney Day

It’s the end of the day and you’re tired, sweaty, and happy. Be sure to document the effects of a day spent at the Most Magical Place on Earth with a selfie, whether it’s taken on a monorail, bus, boat, tram, or even in your resort room.

While many people might suggest the fireworks show as a good place for a selfie, I’ve never really seen those photos turn out very well. Perhaps you’ve had better luck with that selfie. Or maybe you’ve got another great selfie idea in mind altogether. So what is your favorite selfie to take at the Disney Resort?


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