Magic Kingdom Entrance
Magic Kingdom Entrance

4 Best Times of the Year to Visit Disney

Most Disney pro’s can tell you that there are some great and some not-so-great times to visit Disney World.  Your visit could be relatively line-free or you could spend most of your time waiting, waiting, waiting for your favorite rides and attractions depending on what time of year you visit.

There are essentially, 6 seasons:

Value Season – January and the first half of February and again from mid-August until just before Thanksgiving

Peak Season – President’s week in February and again from the second week of March through the second to last week in April

Regular Season – May, June and July are considered Regular Season but crowds pick way up around Independance day

Fall Season – From around the 3rd week of September through the first week of December.  Crowds get heavy at Thanksgiving then drop off until mid-December

Holiday Season – From the second week of December through New Years

Did you get all that?  Let’s see if we can make it more simple.  For less crowds and more cost-effective hotels, travel:

  1. Just after the first of the year
  2. The first couple weeks of May, or
  3. From Mid-August until just before Thanksgiving
  4. There’s a drop again in crowds right after Thanksgiving too but hotel prices jump significantly in the second week of December

3 Day Weekends

You may be tempted to visit when you have a 3-day weekend… just keep in mind that a bunch of other people have the same idea… steer clear of the parks during 3 day weekends.


Another big consideration is the weather and the two things you need to keep in mind are rainfall and heat.  For the most temperate time to visit, try just after the first of the year and you’ll enjoy sweat-free traipsing around the parks In January with relatively little to no rainfall.  Regular Season is pretty temperate but rainfall picks up around July.  September, October and November are also lovely weather-wise but watch out for Thanksgiving and Christmas crowds.

Hopefully this will help you pick a time of year that suits your family’s schedule to visit.  Maybe you can yank the kids out of school after Christmas and head to Sunny Florida for some warmth and quality time with Mickey and Minnie.  Don’t worry about the school work they’ll miss… visit the “Hall of Presidents” in Magic Kingdom and chalk the trip up to an educational experience!

Bon Voyage!

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