4 Disney Springs Businesses We Can’t Wait To Experience

The Boathouse, Disney Springs

Soon “Downtown Disney” will officially become “Disney Springs”, and there will be new shops and eateries to explore. The four I have listed are the ones I am most anxious to check out. Some are already open, and some will be opening soon. Several others are still being constructed. “Disney Springs” is an exciting Disney venture that will benefit anyone living in the Orlando area, and for those of us who are Walt Disney World visitors, this will be an added bonus to the whole Disney vacation experience.

4. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar — If you are a fan of the “Indiana Jones” movies, and even if you’ve never seen an “Indiana Jones” movie, you will love the aviation theme of this Food and Beverage Bar. Jock Lindsey was Indiana Jones’ pilot in the movies, and this is supposedly his establishment. With seating for 150, including outdoor seating on Jock’s old steamboat, now in permanent dry dock, aptly named “Reggie”, after Jock’s pet snake. The Hangar Bar will feature unique cocktails, such as Hovito Mojito”, and small plates, like “Air Pirates Everything Pretzels” with house made mustard and beer cheese fondue, and “Rolling Boulder Meatballs”. In addition to the fantastic food and beverage offerings, the atmosphere and furnishings of this eclectic eatery are extraordinary. From the propeller-based ceiling fans to every kind of aviation décor, including vintage travel posters covering the walls, this venue transports you to a small island airport dining spot, where Indiana Jones may have visited on one of his many adventures.

3. The Boathouse — The Boathouse will offer waterfront dining with a nautical theme. The menu will feature American fare, including seafood, steaks, and chops. Along with good food, there will be three different themed bars: the Dock Bar, the Captain’s Raw Bar, and the Admiral’s Club Bar, as well as live music. Boat-themed attractions will be available, such as a ride on a 40-foot Italian Water Taxi, which includes champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, and “Amphicar Tours” in which vehicles will launch from land before they enter the water to take guests on a guided tour of the surrounding sights.

2. Havaianas — This store is devoted to “Havaianas”, the “original flip flops”, but also features footwear known for vibrant designs with a Brazilian flair. You can also purchase an assortment of sandals, kids’ rain boots, and here at the Disney location, styles incorporating Disney princesses and “Frozen” merchandise. In addition to footwear, “Havaianas” also sells accessories such as iPhone cases, totes, and fabulous towels. What I am anxious to check out is the customization station, where you can take a basic flip flop and design your own custom creation. This intrigues me and is a definite “must investigate”, because there are no stores like this in my home town.

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1. Sprinkles Cupcakes — If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, “Sprinkles Cupcakes” is the place to go. Billed as the “world’s first cupcake bakery”, this special bakery was founded in 2005 and produces the most delicious cupcakes. They are made with sweet cream butter, Belgium chocolate, and Madagascar bourbon vanilla. You can choose from 30 different flavors, all with the special signature topper décor. Also on the menu are gourmet cookies and ice cream, doggie cupcakes, and for those guests with allergies, Sprinkles offers Vegan, sugar free and gluten free alternatives. One really unique feature of Sprinkles, however, is the “world’s first Cupcake ATM”. You walk up to the Sprinkles ATM, choose your favorite cupcake from a touch screen, insert your credit card, and within 10 seconds, your scrumptious cupcake is dispensed in a petite box ready for consumption. Walt Disney would have loved this feature because he was so fascinated about future technology, and here we have a union of delectable food and technology available now in the world of “today”.

“Disney Springs” will attract even more visitors from around the world because of its unique design, specialty shops, and exceptional dining choices, with one added feature, the Disney name. Walt Disney’s name is associated with words like family, fun, friendly service, magical, and happy. In other words, there are books, then there are “Disney” books; there are movies, then there are “Disney” movies; there are theme parks, then there are “Disney” theme parks; there are shopping malls, then there is “Disney Springs”. What more need I say?

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