4 Tips for Visiting Disney With A Wheelchair

Whether it’s due to a disability or a broken foot, using a wheelchair at Disney can be stressful if you don’t know what to expect. Here are a few tips for getting around the parks when you have a wheelchair or electric scooter.

4. Get a Disability Access Service Card: Abbreviated to DAS Card, this is a way for the guest to avoid conventional queue lines if they are not able to wait in one due to a disability. You can visit Guest Services to obtain one, and the card will act similarly to the old-fashioned Fast Passes before we had Magic Bands; you go to the attraction you wish to use your DAS Card for (you get to use this for one attraction at a time) and you receive a return time for the attraction to use. You can still book the same amount of Fast Passes per day as you can with this, and it works at every park so you don’t have to keep getting a DAS Card over and over again.

3. Research wheelchair parade locations ahead of time: If you have a wheelchair or electric scooter, there are multiple viewing places for the parades at Magic Kingdom. Not only are these spots restricted to people in wheelchairs and their families until the start of the parade, but they’re actually really good viewing spots, too! At the Magic Kingdom, you can get one of these spots by the Partners statue in front of Cinderella Castle, near the flagpole by the train station on Main Street when you first enter the park, and by Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square. Figure out which spot will be best for you based on your plans for the day!

2. Take the bus: If you’re traveling from park to park or to a resort, taking the bus is the easiest way to go if you have a wheelchair! Your chair gets to go on the bus first and you are strapped in, so you don’t have to worry about transferring from your wheelchair or scooter to the bus seat. It makes park to park or resort to park transportation a lot easier, especially if you have a wheelchair or scooter that you need to disassemble for your car!

1. Get a scooter… but not from Disney: If you don’t already own a wheelchair or scooter and want to rent an electric scooter so you don’t have to push a wheelchair around, investing in an electric scooter can be extremely convenient. However, scooter and wheelchair rental companies that aren’t with Disney can save you a ton of money since Disney’s scooter rentals are $50 per day. Many of these external companies will drop off and pick up your scooter at your hotel, whether it’s a Disney resort or any of the hotels in the Orlando area, and many of them can be assembled and disassembled easily to fit in your car.

If you plan on visiting Disney either in a wheelchair or with someone who will be in a wheelchair, it’s important to know what to expect to avoid some stress. While everyone’s needs are going to be different and may vary a bit to some of the suggestions on this list, you can use these pieces of advice as a good foundation to help you on your Disney trip!

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Jessica is a multimedia journalist and lover of all things Disney, including Marvel and Star Wars. Jessica is an Annual Passholder at Walt Disney World and visits approximately once a month. She loves any excuse to Disney Bound or cosplay at the parks and you can probably find her on The Haunted Mansion.