5 Awesome Ways to Take it Easy at Disney World

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There are plenty of ways to approach your Disney World vacation. You could spend your time go-go-going—maybe even park hopping—racing from one attraction to the next, keeping your pace rushed, your minutes scheduled and your days maxed out. Hats off to you if you are the type of person that enjoys that kind of thing but I—and many others—like taking a little bit of a break in the midst of the often hectic pace of the theme parks. Balancing out a day at the parks with a little down time is a must for many, as the parks can be physically and mentally draining. Lucky for us, Disney offers many activities that promote relaxation and offers rejuvenating rest. Here are 5 awesome ways to take it easy at Disney World.

5. Campfires, Marshmallows and Movies

When the Disney Resorts started offering nightly outdoor movies I was as giddy as a child. Who doesn’t love the concept of sitting under a blanket of endless stars, cozied up with your loved ones and watching a Disney classic, all the while breathing in air perfumed with the smoky embers of a nearby campfire? The best part of this? There is no admission! And those pillowy, sweet marshmallows on stick made gooey and melty by the fire are also…wait for it…totally free. Truth is, you don’t even have to be a resort guest to enjoy this nighttime treat! If chocolate and graham crackers are your keys to eternal bliss, then you can pay an extra charge for a s’more kit, which are also available at the campfires. The movie times aren’t cemented in stone, so check with the front desk for a pamphlet on the hours and movie schedule. These outdoor activities are also weather permitting, so if the sky is grumbling in ominous foreboding or if it’s sprinkling even the slightest hints of rain water, then the event will probably be cancelled (and the movie possibly moved indoors). The campfire and movie do not run simultaneously, so arrive early for the sweet treat and then claim a prime movie seat!

4. Spa Day

Ahhh, the sensation of being totally and completely pampered never gets old and lucky for us, Disney masters the art of pampering. The spas offered at select Disney Resorts are what some might call, “heaven on earth.” Sure, many of the spa packages are a tad pricey, but you will leave feeling like royalty and in a state of absolute relaxation. Pop in for a facial or pedicure or spring for a full day of invigorating treatments. Refer to Walt Disney World website for the list of resorts that offer these indulgent spas as well as the menu of spa treatments.

3. Resort Restaurant Hopping

As a Seasonal Passholder, my Disney theme park admission is “blacked out” over the summer months. I still make several trips over to Disney during these months resulting in the question from curious friends, “What exactly do you do then if you can’t get into the Parks?” Well, plenty of things as the Disney Resorts offer enough activities that have you forgetting that you’re missing out on the theme park fun. One activity that I love doing is exploring all the different Disney Resorts— shopping, enjoying the beautiful grounds and eating at the different restaurants. So long as you have your Disney Resort Parking Pass on the windshield, you should have no problem with the entrance guards getting into the Resort. There are plenty of restaurant options to choose from, many so popular that you need an advanced dining reservation to secure a table. After your meal is complete, spend some leisurely moments strolling the Resort’s grounds, enjoying the impeccable landscaping and gorgeous overall design and detail that surround each and every building. If you’re fortunate enough to be visiting around the holidays, you’ll get an opportunity to set your eyes on some of the most awe-inspiring decorations you’ll ever see. Each Resort has its own unique decorating style so no two Resorts are alike. Don’t miss an opportunity to relax and take in the beauty of the Disney Resorts!

2. Resort Pools

No Disney vacation is complete without a pool day (unless of course, the temperatures have plummeted to hypothermic levels or there is a monsoon). Luckily, Florida weather is generally warm and though one day can be pouring, the next day can be cloudless sunshine! All of the Disney Resort pools are fun regardless of your age! Most come with a pool bar which serves drinks and food. During the warm months, there are afternoon games, songs and activities for the kids. If you are an adult that prefers a more peaceful setting, most all of the resorts have a “quiet pool” without slides and kiddie areas. All of the pools have complimentary towels and pool chairs. So grab your sunglasses, magazines and flip flops! This is the prime way to spend a day relaxing—catching some Florida rays and sipping on a cold beverage. Just don’t forget the sunscreen—you don’t want to spend the remainder of your vacation looking like Sebastian from The Little Mermaid.

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1. Leisurely Recreation

If the day is just too cool for the pool or you are just searching for other activities that don’t include the business of the theme parks, why not take a look at Disney’s recreational experiences? Disney does recreational activities like no other vacation destination. They have something for everyone and these stress-free outings are guaranteed to recharge your batteries. Does a day on a lush green course swinging a golf club sound like a perfect way to relax? They have the most pristine and gorgeous golf courses at Disney! How about kicking back on a pontoon boat and fishing with your friends on one of Disney’s expansive and well-stocked lakes? Perhaps renting bikes and exploring the winding trails of the Disney Resorts is more your thing. From horseback riding to kayaking to playing pool, you will never run out of options to spend a leisurely fun-filled Disney day. Explore these options and more at

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