5 Major Tips For Experiencing Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Cinderella Castle Day

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is the most visited theme park in the world, with anywhere from 16 to 18 million guests walking through its gates every year. As the most popular theme park, Magic Kingdom has an abundance of attractions and entertainment to delight guests of all ages. Because there is so much to do and see, visiting the park can be a little overwhelming. However, there are ways to make your trip as seamless as possible. Here are five major tips to keep in mind when you’re visiting Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World:

5. Arrive early – One of the best things you can do to experience the majority of what Magic Kingdom has to offer is arrive early. Yes, the park opens pretty early in the morning, sometimes even 7 a.m., but I promise it’s worth it. You get to watch the welcome show at the front of the park, walk down a not so crowded Main Street, get a beautiful picture of Cinderella Castle and hit up those really popular attractions when they don’t have an insane wait time. Another way you can get into the park early is if you have breakfast reservations. Either way, you’ll be getting a lot of bang for your buck the earlier you arrive, and you’ll be able to take breaks in between as well.

4. Make a plan – This doesn’t mean you need to plan out your entire day down to the very minute, but having a general idea of what you’d like to get done will help you maximize your time. If you know you want to see the parade at 3 p.m. and catch the 11:30 a.m, showing of Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire, then you can decide what attractions you want to do in between that and where you might want to have lunch after the parade ends. You can also determine what attractions you might want to skip so that you free up some of your time as well.

3. Utilize a park map — or a cast member – If you’ve never been to Magic Kingdom, or you’re unsure of where something is located, use a park map and don’t be afraid to seek out directions from a cast member! They know the park inside out and it is their job to help you make the most of your trip. You don’t want to waste time getting lost or going to one attraction when you actually meant to go to a different one, so using all of your resources will help you get it right the first time.

2. Fastpasses – Fastpass+ is a free service you can use while in the parks to maximize the amount of attractions you can experience. With this service, you are able to make up to three fastpasses at one time for three separate attractions. Once you have used your initial three, you are able to then make one additional fastpass at a time if any are still available. This can be a little confusing if you’ve never had to use it before, so be sure to seek out help from a cast member if you don’t understand. The bottom line is that you can make three fastpasses to begin with and these fastpasses will give you a shorter wait time, which will allow you to experience more things in the park.

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1. My Disney Experience – If you don’t have this app on your phone, I would highly suggest downloading it before your next trip because it will be a lifesaver. This app serves many purposes and is designed to help you make the most of your trip. On this app, you can check park hours, make fastpasses, make dining reservations, check wait times and so much more. You can even get directions, which is great if you have a hard time getting around the parks. Many guests who come to the parks have no idea that this app exists, which is such a shame because it is the best resource you have and it’s literally at your fingertips.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom has a lot to offer guests, so much so that you may not even know everything that is available to you. The best thing you can do to make sure you see and do everything is to use these tips when planning your trip. You don’t need to plan it down to the very second, but having a general idea of what you want to do and using the resources that are available to you will make your trip a lot more fun.

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