5 Walt Disney World Experiences We Could Do Without

Stitch's Great Escape

We all know that there is no place like Disney to entertain guests and develop some of the most unique experiences and attractions around the world. While most of the experiences at Disney will have you smiling from ear to ear, there are a few that aren’t quite making the cut. This is a very opinionated article, so while some of you may not agree with the list, hopefully you can see why these wouldn’t make someone’s to-do list. Here are five Disney experiences we could do without.

5. Mad Tea Party Tea Cups

We’ve seen them in almost every Disney commercial. They seem to be so fun considering that there are smiles on everyone’s faces when riding in the advertisement. The catch? Twirling around and around non-stop for a few minutes can have your head spinning and your stomach dancing. This ride is decorated beautifully, but for the feeling you get, it isn’t worth the wait or Fastpass. Even though there is a wheel in the center of each tea cup that controls how fast or slow you go, the tea cups continuously rotate, tossing and turning on the platform underneath anyways, so it can be very dizzying to anyone that is sensitive to nausea. Not only is this ride nauseating to some, it doesn’t leave an impact or impress many since all it does is twirl around. This ride is definitely not my cup of tea (no pun intended).

4. Swiss Family Tree House

Tree houses are still really fascinating to me. Having a little hang out way high up in nature is a great way to relax, however, our new generation has slowly strayed away from tree houses and merged into bigger and better things. The Swiss Family Tree House is enormous and sits atop Adventure Land with beautiful views of the Magic Kingdom. All of this may sound great, but the truth is, I have seen many little kids unimpressed by this attraction since it is outdated and ‘boring’. The tree house is completely outdoors and contains several stairs, which can also make some people hot and tired. Many kids can’t also relate because this tree house is based on the actual film, which was made a few decades ago and was most likely not shown to them. Due to the plethora of other innovating attractions and rides, this attraction can be unimpressive.

3. Ellen’s Energy Adventure

Ellen Degeneres is by far one of my favorite individuals ever. She instills laughter in so many people with every show and movie that she does. This attraction follows Ellen and Bill Nye the Science Guy through a journey back in time as they review and discuss different forms of energy. As much as I love Ellen, after riding this once I don’t care to do it anymore. Sure this ride delivers a few laughs, but it is outdated and children can find it hard to relate to the humor. This is also a forty-five minute attraction, which can take away from other experiences that you may want to do. This is also a slow moving ride and includes audio-animatronic dinosaurs. While the scenery is beautiful, the dinosaurs are also a little outdated and the theme can drag a little. I also find some kids not interested in listening to a lecture about energy. Some little ones are more interested in the fun stuff instead of listening to a lecture.

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2. Stitch’s Great Escape

Located in the Magic Kingdom, lies Stitch’s Great Escape, the replacement for what was once the famous attraction, Alien Encounter. Alien Encounter used to be a frightening experience with a larger than life alien that really scared anyone of any age. Due to poor reviews, Disney decided to change this attraction and include another type of alien, a Disney alien if you will, Stitch. There are a lot of mixed reviews on this attraction. While it can still be frightful for small children, the only thing to do here is to sit with a shoulder restraint on and watch what goes on in front of you. When I first went in the circular shaped theater and put on the harness, I felt as if this was going to be an interactive ‘ride’ of sorts. Usually when you have to wear the shoulder restraints, it’s because of movement, but this was a huge disappointment. The harnesses are used to secure guests so that they feel the special effects of the show on their bodies. Nothing really happened, and unfortunately, I couldn’t even see Stitch’s front side because of where I was sitting in the theater. Stitch is one of my favorite characters, and I just felt that since there wasn’t much going on at this attraction, it isn’t worth waiting for it.

1. Mission: Space

While it may be totally cool to experience life off of our earth, it isn’t cool when you feel sick to your stomach. From someone who doesn’t get sick easily, I recommend not going on Mission: Space, a shuttle simulator that launches to space and allows guests to experience NASA style training. This ride includes two levels of intensity, but even at its lowest level, I could not believe how sick I got and how long my headache lasted. Even for those that ride everything (like me) and don’t typically have issues getting sick to their stomachs, you may want to rethink riding this attraction.

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Natalie is an elementary school teacher and a native Floridian who lives and breathes all things Disney. Her love for Disney started at the age of two during her first visit, and has continued to flourish into her adult life. She loves to share her Disney passion with her students and believes Disney is so special because there is no other place to forget about your worries and be a kid again, which is why she refuses to ‘grow up’.

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