7 Great Places To Grab A Quick Meal In Magic Kingdom!

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Because I’m a creature of habit and I don’t like to mess with a good thing, you’ll pretty much always find me planted inside Columbia Harbour House with a lobster roll in my hand and a contented smile on my face come lunch time at Magic Kingdom. But there are those park days when I’ve got places to go (i.e. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train) and people to see (i.e. Magician Mickey) and my jam-packed schedule simply won’t allow for a more relaxed lunch. There are quick-service dining locations all over Magic Kingdom, but there are also what I like to call RAPID service dining locations which makes ordering and obtaining your food a breeze, letting you eat on the run as you race to squeeze into that FastPass+ window time or as you stake a claim to your favorite afternoon parade post. We’ve got a list of 7 great places to eat in a hurry at Magic Kingdom because even though that ticking clock has you darting around faster than the White Rabbit, there is just no need to forgo food at the most magical place on earth!

7. Casey’s Corner – Where: End of Main Street, U.S.A

The smell alone is enough to pull most people out from the walkways and into this dining spot featuring all our ballpark favorites—hot dogs, fries, corn dog nuggets, nachos, and even Cracker Jacks! There are plenty of registers to order your food from, so the line disappears in no time. Here, you’ll find your basic hot dog with whatever condiments that strike your fancy, but you can also order one slathered with barbeque pulled pork, chili and melted cheddar, or caramelized onions and stone-ground mustard. Mouthwateringly delicious, and oh-so-easy to eat on the run! And if eating and moving is not your style, there is plenty of outdoor seating as well as a few tables and chairs indoors. Those corn dog nuggets? Amazing miniature versions of our favorite corn dog snack, just without the stick and piled inside a cup. These cuties (yes, I think they’re adorable) are practically begging to be enjoyed while you walk.

6. Various Food Carts – Where: All over Magic Kingdom

What better way to eat in a hurry than to quickly hop in line at one of their many food carts around property? You won’t get a meal here as traditional meals go, but you’ll find many snack-like foods and for some individuals, that’s all they need! And if you order the turkey leg and are the only one eating it, trust me, you’ll be full for hours! You will also find food options like egg rolls, stuffed pretzels, baked potatoes, chicken nuggets, loaded waffle fries, and much more!

5. The Lunching Pad – Where: Tomorrowland, just below Astro Orbiter

Hot dogs are a perfect thing to eat on the go, and Disney knows how much we love their hot dogs. Another great place to grab one of these simple delights is at The Lunching Pad, where you’ll find it available two ways: Plain hot dog and Coney Island Dog (topped with chili, onion, and mustard). One bite of their Coney Island Dog and you’ll be doing the MMC Hot Dog Dance (if you have a toddler you know what I’m talking about). They’re quite tasty, and with the counter-service convenience you’ll be downing it in no time.

4. Gaston’s Tavern – Where: New Fantasyland near the Beast’s Castle

As soon as they officially opened the doors to the little French village pub paying homage to that larger-than-life ego maniac Gaston, I knew this would be a frequent Magic Kingdom stop for me. Featuring grab and go grub, you’ll find a somewhat limited menu here. Though the options are limited, the flavors are anything but! I *heart* the LeFrou’s Brew (a no-sugar added frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, then topped with an all-natural passion fruit-mango foam) and just thinking about the warm, gooey cinnamon rolls here gets my glands salivating. But if you’re looking for a more substantial food to hold you to the next meal, the pork shank is your ticket to paradise. It’s already grown quite the reputation as being superior to the much-loved-and-sometimes-loathed turkey leg. Tender, fall-off-the-bone meat is packed with juicy, salty flavor. The size and shape of the shank is perfect to take with you and eat as you hurry to your next magical Disney experience.

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3. Tortuga Tavern – Where: Adventureland, across from Pirates of the Caribbean attraction

Most widely known for never being open (I kid, it’s known for their yummy food), this dining stop features Mexican fare and is a welcome diversion from your typical burger, chicken fingers and fries park food. Yes, it is seasonal and only operating during the busiest times of year, so if you get a chance to pop into Tortuga Tavern when it’s open, do it! You will most likely be very pleased that you did so! The portions are a little heartier than the other places on this list, so eating on the run might be a tad more difficult. But, you can still get your food in a hurry and because it’s so darn tasty you’ll wolf it down in no time. The menu features options like burritos and rice bowls served with beef and chicken or vegetarian style. They’ve also got a delicious southwestern chicken salad.

2. Friar’s Nook – Where: Fantasyland, next door to Storybook Treats (and near Princess Fairytale Hall)

The menu here is hardly extensive, but when you offer uniquely topped mac and cheese bowls, it just doesn’t need to be. You can get a hot dog here too, but the macaroni and cheese with the fun toppings is the way to go. The cheese is so rich, gooey, creamy and GLARINGLY ORANGE (please don’t tell me what’s in the cheese—I’d rather live blissfully unaware), it’s quite entrancing and each bite is like a warm hug (thanks Olaf for the simile). You can get your handy, on-the-go bowl of mac and cheese topped with pot roast or you can order it bacon cheeseburger style. I’m a more old-school mac and cheese lover and prefer it topped with toasted panko breadcrumbs, which is another option.

1. Sleepy Hollow Refreshments – Where: Liberty Square

I really, really love this place and it may or may not be because of my long-standing obsession with the classic Disney cartoon featuring the bumbling Ichabod Crane. This quick-serve counter also serves the best ice cream cookie sandwich I’ve ever tasted, so there’s that too. Location wise, you can’t beat it as you get to graze and gaze out at Cinderella Castle, which is practically right next door. As far as getting in and out of here in a hurry, the only issue you might have is the line. I’m not the only one who loves this place and that is sometimes evidenced by a lengthy line of people eager to get their made-to-order food. Don’t let that stop you though, the line moves pretty fast and more often than not I’ve been able to walk right up to the counter and order without the wait. In addition to some of the tastiest sweet treats around, you’ll find some savory waffle sandwiches which are both generous in portion and delicious in flavor. With only two savory options (not counting the soup of the day), you won’t waste any extra time mulling over a needlessly long menu. Choose between a ham, prosciutto and swiss waffle sandwich or a sweet and spicy chicken waffle sandwich (my favorite) and you won’t be disappointed.

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