7 Things We Love About Teppan Edo


Kon’nichiwa! When visiting Epcot, you will have a plethora of unique and interesting dining options to choose from in the world showcase. Each country there offers an array of dining experiences to choose from, so it can be very challenging to decide on just one. Let me help you out by letting you know that you wont be disappointed with dining at Teppan Edo, a unique restaurant located in the Japan pavilion. Here are 7 things we love about Teppan Edo!

7. Décor

The exterior structure and architecture of the Teppan Edo restaurant really immerses you and makes you think that you really are in Japan! The interior dining area is no different! Rooms are trimmed with black and red colors on the walls, chairs, and furniture. There are large Japanese symbols hung against contrasting colors and along with beautiful geishas and samurai murals that are styled and resemble the Japanese Edo period. The attention to detail is exquisite! The décor is beautiful, unique and a great way to explore a new atmosphere when dining.

6. Unique Dining

The most distinctive aspect of dining at Teppan Edo has to be the ability to sit right across the chef as he prepares your meal. That’s right! Every table in the dining room has a hibachi stove built right into the tabletop. A chef is assigned to each table and he prepares your entire meal right in front of you. It’s really interesting to see them whip up such great creations! This is a pretty cool alternative to your everyday order, wait, and be served meals!

5. Infusion of Culture

One of the most impressive aspects of this restaurant is the attention to detail not only with the décor, but with the staff as well. Cast members that work here are all originally from Japan or of Japanese origin. They all infuse their morals and ethics in the way they greet you, take your order, and assist you with needs throughout your visit. When I first entered the restaurant I noticed the hostesses, waiters/waitresses, and chefs were all wearing traditional Japanese attire and they immediately bowed when they greeted me. I bowed back and the hostess informed me that she has t be the last to bow because it is a sign of respect. I was really shocked by this, but it is a common practice in Japan. I love how I really felt and appreciated the Japanese culture, even if it was just a dining experience.

4. Fun For The Whole Family

There is nothing better than dinner and a show, and at Teppan Edo you will get just that. Chefs really go out of their way to ‘wow the little ones and make them laugh. They perform some impressive tricks with their cooking utensils and food, like creating images on the stove of everyone’s favorite mouse, to cracking eggs mid-air and even using a spatula to toss dozens of shrimp tails in their chef hats all at one time. It’s really incredible to see how talented these chefs are when they make their culinary creations and use them in their entertainment piece. Kids and adults of all ages will love the show that the chefs put on for them!

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3. Firework Viewing Area

The front of the restaurant offers a cozy little area for those wanting to order a small plate or appetizer. The hibachi tables are not attached to the tables here, so there is space for several little tables. This is a beautiful location to watch Illuminations, Epcot’s spectacular fireworks nighttime show. I personally love how it can be intimate for couples too! This is a great option for those looking for a quick bite to eat or those that want to check out the restaurant without watching a show (which takes up more time than a standard sit-down meal) while they eat.

2. Exquisite Food

One of the best ways to experience a new culture is by tasting their food of course. Try diverse rolls of fresh sushi, including favorites like the California roll and sashimi. Indulge in appetizers like assorted tempuras, edamame, miso soup, and classic Wafu ribs. As if the appetizers don’t sound tasty enough, the entrees are absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection. Enjoy various cuts of steak and beef, chicken, and seafood, all of which are served with veggies, lo-Mein style noodles, and bottomless sukiyaki beef rice. The desserts include chocolate ginger cake and even green tea ice cream and cheesecake! Quite the infusion if you ask me!

1. Great Pricing and Options

Considering all that is offered at this fantastic and uniquely themed restaurant, it isn’t too bad as far as it’s pricing is concerned. Teppan Edo is classified as $$($15-$29.99 per adult) and accepts one sit down credit on select Disney Dining Plans. Kids meals are also affordable (considering the amount of food served for the price). The show put on by the chefs and the atmosphere along with Japanese style food is truly worth every penny!

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